This photo shoot of Kaley from Kansas was built on a feeling and the idea of creating a unique and original atmosphere around the Sudanese beauty of the model, Hanno. This was achieved by the whole team that worked all together to come out with this beautiful result that we will share with you in this article.

The place, an olive fabric, was out of the ordinary and was perfect to start the creation of this unique atmosphere. It has been associated with a very delicate and natural work of the floral artist. The use of floral clusters incorporating dried florals, stems, sticks & grasses, along with some painted floral bouquet using metallic silver, lilac and cream colors reinforced the feeling of nature and authenticity. Finally, a last touch of secrecy was added with the creation of a secret garden indoors, with a live tree foraged with beautiful green leaves as well as some dried elements.

Regarding the jewelry, Kaley decided to collaborate with Natural Design that creates whimsical, delicate and modern jewelry for the ambitious women. These beautiful pieces of jewelry were perfectly showcased on Hanno, and the gown from Sarah Seven and Made with Love Bridal was perfect to complete her full look. The choice, by bridal shop owner, Laura (or Bride KC), of this hand-picked dress associated with some more vintage pieces from Liana Wears of Woven Vintage was a perfect match for both Hanno and the global feeling of the shooting. 

“It was a team effort and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

The final outcome is really gorgeous and made possible for Kaley to experiment with composition, perspective and intimate close ups to capture the atmosphere of the whole shooting into her images. 

Photography: Kaley From Kansas  Florist: The Cottage Rose | Makeup artist: Maria Flowers | Dress: Sarah Seven, at Bride KC | Jewelry: Naturae Design | Venue: Market Studio KC

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