Inspired by fashion and Paris, the carefree 70s and Jane Birkin, the sun, Provence and love, the Jeanne Source’s universe is sunny, casual, elegant and poetic. She tries to break the traditional codes to reinvent a wedding dress that is fresh and stylish. Slit dress, light, delicate bare backs, a dress with which one would like to run in a field of poppies. Through her last collection, the designer,  inspired by the wimd and mineral creeks of Provence, talks about love, the sea sparkling along the rocks, the sun caressing the skin and getaways…

It all started with fashion design and modeling studies for 7 years at Lisaa Paris as well as La Fashion Room in Brussels. Back in Paris, I had the chance to work as a stylist in several Maisons Haute Couture and meet Mr. Lesage who introduced me to embroidery.
In 2015 back in my native Provence, in the Luberon near Lourmarin I finally create the Jeanne Source brand of tailor-made wedding dresses and opens my Atelier-Showroom. The very first creation is that of my cousin followed very closely by the creation of the dress of Bride of my friend Alice, today my partner. I loved the work of these noble materials and realizing the dress of a lifetime, it was very moving! Everything was chained very quickly, I had a lot of orders, so I started the creation of the very first collection.

What is your role with a future bride?
I welcome my bride in a cocoon of softness and lace, I take care to listen, to know his desires, his expectations to create his dress. I help her choose the dress in which she is feel self and highlight in the smallest details.

What is your creative process ?

I try to isolate myself for some time to create my new collections after having established mood boards of inspirations coming from various horizons (Fashion, Photography, literature, cinema etc). I realize the sketches of the dresses, I work with a model maker who realizes the patterns of each dress after having defined together the volumes, the proportions and the fabrics. We have real know-how. All our dresses are created and perfected in France. Our silks and our lace are selected and chosen with the greatest care. Each dress is created with love and patience by our little hands.

Your inspirations for this new collection?
It is a very solar collection inspired by the secret creeks of Provence. She talks about love, the sea sparkling along the rocks, the sun caressing the skin and getaways. Wild and mineral creeks made me want to work pearls and sequins. Naked back knotted as one knots his shirt on vacation. A lot of fluidity in superpositions of light and vaporous tulles. Embroideries like sunburn, impressions on the skin thanks to the transparency of the tulle. Seashell lace patterns, corals and seabed. A glamorous collection with satin, marked sizes, transparency, volume and embroidered sequins.
I was also inspired by a poem I wrote. He accompanies the collection on a music
original composed by Ana Marina Sanz:

Visual Poem Collection 2020 © Jeanne Source

Your vision of a trendy wedding? 3 words to define a modern bride?

A trendy wedding is not a goal in itself, I would say that it is obviously attractive to pick some ideas here and there but it is essential to reclaim his marriage completely. Listen and trust each other to make this day unique and unlike any other! A modern bride is in love, free and determined.

What defines for you the french touch?
Pay special attention to its natural look. Imagine in a clean, airy dress with a touch of impertinence! Love simplicity, lightness, bare backs, slit skirts, silk on her skin, laugh, drink a glass of champagne and dance barefoot under her dress.
What famous bride would you dream of dressing up?
The singer Angèle, for its freshness, its style, its impertinence and its spirit.

Chinese portrait
If you were …
An accessory ? Our brand new COLETTE silk scarf.
A color ? the blue sky
Material ? our tulle embroidered with pearls and sequins
A jewel ? my engagement ring made up of two very fine pink gold rings held together
by two small diamonds.
A dream destination to get married? Provence
Music to make an entrance? ‘The sails’ Poom
A fashion icon? Jane Birkin

More information

Showroom Jeanne Source Jas de Puyvert, Route de Lourmarin 84160 PUYVERT –

Website :
The price : between 2500 and 3800 euros for a bespoke creation. We can also make a model designed by the designer and specially designed for you from 3500 euros.

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