We are always looking to find some new brands and styles that would shake up the world of weddings and bridal. We quickly found our luck with Bowie Rae.

Bowie Rae is an all-new, all Australian bridal range. It gets its inspiration with a daring design and follows the main bold idea that every single bride has her own story to tell and therefore, every bridal need to be really unique.

Bowie Rae has started to make her mark into the bridal world and its new collection named “Her” will most likely keep making some noise. Following the bold concept that every piece can be separate or as a whole gown, it creates a full range of variations possible where the brides will be able to make some choices to create their perfect match.

Every story is a story that we believe should be distinctively yours.

Bowie Rae is a tribute to the woman that will become her own statement piece.
A celebration of a New Age where the wedding dress becomes the voice of Her who wears it.

Photography: Matt Godkin Photography  | Designer: Bowie Rae | Florist: Luca Luna | MUHA: Joanna Luhrs | Dresses: Bowie Rae | Brides shoes: Forever Soles , Isle and arlo | Brides ring: Ruusk | Brides jewels: Fairley Jewellery, Temple of the sun | Venue: Thirroul Beach NSW 

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