What if you were true to yourself and broke the codes of the wedding?
What if you were not forced to make compromises between real style and affordable prices?
What if, on your wedding day, you dared wearing an outfit bought on a fast-fashion brand?

The Spanish giant, well known for being at the top of the latest trends, offers this season several pieces in the spirit of time that will for sure give you a perfect look without being ruined.

For the star of the day, we have chooser four pieces: the tone-on-tone embroidered tunic, the cloak with crack or the very outlined cardigan, without sleeves and with a V neck. Two pieces that would go well along with large and loose trousers and the long sheath dress, minimalist, loose, timeless and very feminine.

For lack of being the bride, be a remarkable guest! We dare using glitters, sequins, and fringes!

“L’élégance n’est pas une question de luxe ni de richesse mais d’attitude – Sonia Rykiel


On the accessories side, we bet on tone-on-tone, neutral colors, and natural materials…

…or pearls, unavoidable this season, for an even more specialized look.

So? Convinced?

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