Adél and Ede are a couple of two lovely Hungarians that are at the same time what we could describe as an international couple. Indeed, they found each other abroad and not in Hungary and lived in several countries already: Italy and The Netherlands were they are currently living together.

They met in Italy in the part of the renowned Prosecco-valley and this was, therefore, no wonder that they have chosen this area to hold their wedding, not only for the memories they have but also because their guests are coming from all around the world, they didn’t want to organize the wedding where they live and opted for a destination wedding. It gave them a feeling of being at home even though they traveled, in space and in time!

It gave also the opportunity to have a bride and groom session on the day before the wedding in the streets of the exact city where Ede used to study. Remembering old memories along with the true emotions and feelings of the moment was a perfect match for this session, and the visits of some of the places they liked the most when they lived here were truly amazing to be captured by the excellent Pinewood Weddings. 

“All along the weekend we could feel that the couple have placed their full trust in us, this can certainly be proven by the pictures we took.

For the wedding day itself, the place and atmosphere were completely breathtaking. The spot surrounded by Italy’s alluring vineyards and the picturesque rolling hills was adding a touch of magic into this already very emotional day. An outdoor ceremony held directly by their close friends gave the final blow into all the guests’ heart as the very emotional and sincere speeches and testimonies were really moving. 


And if you would like to see the full long version of the wedding film, you can click here!

Photography & Film: Pinewood WeddingsFloral Design: Flora Floral Botanical Atelier | Makeup artist: Sara Skrionya | Hairstylist: Charlotte Charpentier | Stationery: Papp Adél (The Bride) | Venue: Loving Veneto




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