The house Elisa Ness has no style, but rather a vision, that of couture creations. No fairy tales, only the quest for a modern and sophisticated silhouette, without the clichés. Her last collections loving details, where the wedding dress is primarily a reflection of a taste, a personality embodied by its singularity. The natural inclination of the mark for artisans and art crafts, privileges the exception as an antidote to standardization.

Can you tell us about the birth of your company ? What makes your journey unique and differentiates your brand?
Elisa Ness is the story of a mother and a daughter who decide to shake the codes of the wedding dress. In 2014, the designer decides to train her daughter in order to transmit her rare and excellent know-how through the Fédération des Métiers d’Art Alsace. Their destinies unite, so that the creation of Elisa Ness is obvious.
“I have always been immersed in the world of fashion with a curious eye on the professional activity of my mother. Heir to his know-how, I have embroidery techniques on which we rely to make modern and contemporary creations “.

What is your role with a future bride (a couple)?

Bring my expertise to the future bride, guide her in her choices and sublimate her for the day.

What is your creative process?

At the first meeting (approximately 1 hour), we discuss the wedding mood of the future bride and advise her according to her morphology. If it has not already cracked for a particular dress, we try the different models of the collection. We have the possibility to change some details, while remaining in the style of the House! We then draw the dress and move on to taking measurements. We set the dates of the fittings (about 3), necessary to custom-made, then we start the patronage of the dress in the workshop.

What were your sources of inspiration for this new collection?

Travels, escape and the search for the exotic.

Your vision of a trendy wedding? a small wedding with a modern and minimalist decoration in a discreet place.
3 words to define a modern bride? assumed – stylish – free

What defines for you the french touch?

French know-how. French craftsmanship embodies the art of living, the pursuit of excellence and luxury. She amazes internationally and is part of our history.

What famous bride would you dream of having in your clients?

Caroline Receveur. It appears today as an example for women wishing to undertake.

Chinese portrait If you were …
An accessory ? A beautiful pair of shoes. In a woman, shoes often symbolize the relationship with herself. So, if she’s wearing pretty shoes, that means she feels good with herself.

A color ? Ocher is suitable for all styles, modern, traditional, ethnic. It contains in its tones something of the desert, of Provence, of the Mediterranean.

Material ? Silk gives off a great femininity.

A jewel ? The covenant, symbol of eternal love
A dream destination to get married? Cappadocia and its lunar landscape in Turkey
Music to make an entrance? Crazy In Love / Beyoncé
A fashion icon? Dua Lipa, the new trendy icon

SHOWROOM 8-12 Place de l’École 68000 Colmar –  only on rendez-vous | prices range: from 2500 to 3500€



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