Sourcing her inspirations from her surwear industry past, the nature and the 70’s, Marynea loves to break the codes of a classic traditional voluminous bridal dress, and brings a free feminity through modern cuts, fluidity and fabrics movement .  She uses the beauty of stunning fabrics such as heavy silk crepe, embroidery and floral guipure,  to evoke in her last collection the inner brightness of a woman, like a goddess, both an icon of strength and delicacy.


Marynea was born in 2013, After I attended to a wedding dresses Fashion Show. The style was very different from mine; voluminous dresses, rhinestones, many details … I already had my own business and workshop and I was thinking about my professional future. This day I had a revelation and decided to create my own wedding dress brand, by proposing a different style to stand out and do what looked more like me. The fluid and bohemian style was not very developed at the time and I realized that there was a real demand because many women did not find themselves in what was offered in stores.

What makes your path unique and differentiates your brand?

My path may seem surprising, because before being passionate about wedding dresses, I was passionate about surfwear. Indeed, after my studies of fashion design, my purpose was to create a women’s surfwear brand, by breaking the codes and bringing a feminine and poetic touch. the name Marynea came to me at that time; it evoked the sea, as well as a certain mystery. This name could be both sport and feminine. I kept in my current inspirations the idea of the fluidity and the movement of the fabrics, a free feminity through modern cuts. Nature and travel are still great sources of inspiration for me, and I think I’m still influenced by the idea of creating dresses that will be both comfortable, and stylish with always a little sexy touch. The 70’s and Rock’n Roll also inspire me a lot.

What is your role with a future bride ?

When I create a bride’s dress, I often assist her for many months before her wedding. From the first appointment to the delivery of the dress, I take the time to know her, listen to her, and advise to create the perfect outfit for her. The love of my job, empathy and kindness are the keys to make the best experience possible. It is often a real relationship that grows, until the D day and after when I discover the pictures !

What is your creative process ?
The process of creation is personalized according to the needs and the rhythm of each, but in a general way, the key stages are the discourse around the desires and the ideas of the bride, the fitting of existing dresses as well as a proposal of sketches. Then there is the fitting of a "canvas" to the measurements of the client to validate the model and to preview the dress. There are several fittings in the final fabrics, when some details may be specified
(addition of lace, sleeves, etc …) the installation of the closure of the dress is scheduled at the last moment (1 month to 15 days before the wedding) so that the last adjustments are perfect !

What were your sources of inspiration for this new collection?
For this new collection, I wanted to create sleeker dresses than in my previous collections, using the beauty of stunning fabrics such as heavy silk crepe, embroidery and floral guipure. I have also incorporated shine with beaded tulle and irreded chiffons, but always in a modern and also glam’ rock’ spirit. the finesse of the floral patterns and the brilliance of the pearls evoke the inner brightness of a woman, like a goddess, both an icon of strength and delicacy.

Your vision of a trendy wedding?

I can not really answer this question as I have seen lots of wedding trends those years. I think the most important thing today is to stay authentic and make choices that look like you. Choose something aesthetic, avoiding kitsch and bad taste, but without trying to be absolutely faithful to a trend.

3 words to define a modern bride? Natural, Unique, Sublimated

What defines for you the french touch?

An elegant and timeless style with a little cool touch, and above all, quality.

What famous bride would you dream of having in your clients? Lana Del Rey. She inspires me a lot and I’m a
fan of her music.

Chinese portrait If you were …
An accessory ? A leather jacket

A color? The bright natural white of the silk. It’s a very magic, special a spiritual

A material? the Crepe de Chine (silk) that I have been working for years. I have a real passion for it !

A jewel ? I like ear jackets (earrings that go up along the ear) and piercings if it’s classy and “precious”(gold,

A dream destination to get married ? There are many but the most important thing is to be surrounded by the poeple you love.

Music to make an entrance? I know exactly which one I want for my entrance, if one day I get married. But it’s a secret

A fashion icon? Stevie Nicks for the hippie chic of the 70s. More contemporary: Florence Welsh from Florence + The Machine and Lana Del Rey …

Useful infos:
Workshop / Showroom from Monday to Saturday, only by appointment: Marynea 36 Avenue Robert Soleau 06600 AntibesFrance – Website :
Price range: short dress from 600 euros Long dress from 1500 to 3000 eurosPhoto : Marion Roudil | Make-Up : Audrey Denjean | Hairs : Agnes Doussot

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