Inspired by the elegance of the men from her family and the artisanal history of a few of her forefathers, “Aux corps anonymes” is born from the desire to explore more menswear  style mix. Beyond fashion, the designer Françoise André was interested in the work of excellence as a tailor: hand work, mastering the material;  and finally modeling and rectifying  the dissymmetry of the body.  Developing also a woman mini-serie next to the mens suits collection, fluidity, lightness, and fantasy is her favorite work.  

How did your company come about?
The creative idea under an experimental side was triggered 10 years ago and the business company was created 5 years ago. 

What makes your live path  unique and make you brand different? 

I have a long experience in business-side clothing, and at 40, I had the opportunity to enter into Esmod International school  in menwear fashion  design and patternmaking; this has been  decisive step in my choice to then focus more on creation . 
I have always been inspired by the elegance of the men from my family ; the artisanal history of a few of my forefathers, then the desire to explore more menswear  style mix , led me to create cross-disciplinary exhibitions, sponsored by two of the most beautiful French museums (even the world), the André Diligent ” La Piscine” museum in Roubaix and La Cité Internationale of fashion and lace. 

Somehow my first clients, because they bought my first three collections.  I was then able to expose my work on men’s clothing abroad through these partnerships. In the same time,  a man found that my clothes had a beautiful energy; I liked it and I continued to make jackets, one of the most difficult pieces of the men’s wardrobe. I’ve also experimented with new techniques, materials, or new textures for the world of tailoring!” 
I finally took certification courses at the Association of Master Tailors in Suresnes, trained by Master Guilson, and then decided to embark on a project of a brand of tailored clothing for men with the brand “Aux corps anonymes” . Since then, I have been developing mini-series for women in ready-to-wear, inspired by the men’s collections of the brand.
Beyond fashion, I was interested in the work of excellence as a tailor: hand work, mastering the material;  and finally modeling l and rectifying  the dissymmetry of the body.  thus to provide a real service to customers wishing to invest in beauty, quality and time.  fluidity, lightness, and fantasy is my favorite work.   

Men’s fashion in Asia, a region I’ve been travelling through for twenty years, is a must-see today and a source of inspiration. Today I train in fashion and business luxury school to pass on the passion of the profession and I continue to develop my creative tailoring business with Aux Corps Anonymes.

 What is your role with a groom to be? 

My role as a creator is to enable  him to enjoy himself for this very important moment, to reassure him also and to get him to give himself more creativity if he wishes through a real personalized project. At a unique moment, unique costume.   Formalism and codes are sometimes very strong for the wedding context, the “Prince Charming” pressure is sometimes  very important.
Also, creative expression can be as much on the outshell of the costume, with a print or embroidery, either inside the suit or jacket for example with lots of details. Sometimes a sober suit can be accompanied by an embroidered vest with very personal themes. there is something of the intimate and elegant in a work of this type. 
I work with exceptional suppliers with whom I can make 3.5 meters of fabric weave for a suit in the color desired by the customer.
I also want to propose to discover crafts and to share this with my clients and therefore beyond “tailoring, I work with craftsmen who will know how to paint, embroider or create exceptional buttons for example.

The codes also evolve, and some couples no longer make their own clothing project but rather together,  with a real story that is told in every detail : the sleeve slit of the jacket in the fabric of the bride dress, embroideries or patterns reminiscent of the other’s outfit. It’s a real conversation with the bride and groom and that’s what drives us too, helping to make this happy moment of marriage completely embodied.

What is your creative process ?

In general, the conversation is about a wish, a desired look, a theme, or a color. Then I do the full research and I propose sketches inspired by the person and our conversation. On quote, the client accepts, then I take the customer’s measurements during a second appointment, then I make a canvas to validate the aplombs according to the customer’s measurements:  I start production. It takes an average of 4 fittings ;   sometimes it takes time, when the project is very personal, such as creating a special printed fabric for example; I take the time so that all the steps are well approved  by the client.  I have prepared two groom outfits for 8 months.

What were your sources of inspiration for this new collection?

I have a common “red thread” called the Eternity collection.  No season for this timeless collection that unfolds over time by incorporating new pieces.  I like working on capsule collections that allows to bring colors, and interesting materials or very beautiful quality. For this summer, which will be presented at the beginning of February, as a woman she is inspired by the musketeers of Dumas and at the same time of the 60s!! graphic and baroque with short trousers and capes. For  Menwear bright colors or pastelles, and graphic lace.

 Your vision of a trendy wedding? 

Very personalized wedding in every detail, where the flower is essential, and finally where tradition and modernity  are well mixed. The bride chooses a sleek modern dress, modular why not, or the quirky tailored  costume!! with a sharp choice of accessories for the D day. She also has an evening dress and a more casual glitter outfit in pastel colors for the ‘Rebond’.(the days after)
For the groom, either a lighter outfit in pastel color,( and total look can be very strong) or a coordinated outfit by embroidery or prints with the bride

Three words to define a modern groom? Elegant, casual, cool.

What defines “french touch” for you?

Our ability to export the concept of French marriage abroad. France is a country with a beautiful and varied setting to recreate the festive spirit of Versailles in a way. With that romantic touch a little retro too.
Which famous groom would you like to dress up?  Adrian Brody, because I love this actor. Jean Dujardin too

Chinese Portrait If You Were … 

An accessory? a wide-brimmed hat
A color? ink blue 
A material? a fine, soft virgin wool fabric from Scotland
A piece of jewelry? a brooch .
A dream destination to get married? The Vietnam
Music to make its entrance?  a song by Dean Martin “Every body loves someone sometimes”
 A fashion icon? I love the 70s. man: Yves Saint Laurent Woman Maris Berenson

Useful info:  shop 27 rue de l’Espérance 59100 Roubaix (1 hour by paris tgv). Otherwise I go to your home.
making an appointment 1st fitting all the information on the site to make an appointment and contact us.
Price range from 1700 euros a custom suit (jacket pants).

Website : Aux corps anonymes | Photography : Clement Decoster | MUAH : Laetitia C. beauty | Venue : Coke – Lille


Aux Corps Anonymes – ACA from auxcorpsanonymes on Vimeo.

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