This funky and modern inspiration imagined by Elena and Eline celebrates women and brings sunshine into our homes.

Elena tells us : Our styled shoot is called embrace diversity. I, Elena van der Vleuten from Elysian and Eline de Visser from Eline de Visser Jewelry wanted to organise a styled shoot that would celebrate women. We wanted to showcase all kinds of women in all their strength and glory. We felt that we wanted to show the world that women are strong individuals by themselves and should embrace their diversity but also celebrate their similarities.


Let’s celebrate togetherness!


By emphasizing this theme we felt that it should be held in an funky venue with an equally funky wedding styling. We also felt that the wedding industry has so many ideas for bride to be’s on a boho or etheral or classical or minimal vibe, but we feel that the funky and whimsical vibe is still a bit underexposed. We thought that it was time to showcase this as well. Show bride to be’s that you can have a romantic wedding styling with a funky and whimsical twist.
That the colour pink doesn’t automatically mean soft and ethereal, but with the right bridal and funky stylistic attributes it can be more outspoken and even have a stronger bridal vibe.


From our shoot you can get bridal ideas; from bridal separates, bridal dresses to a cool and sparkly jumpsuit with sexy back combined with soft feminine earrings and a distinct bridalheadpiece. We used all kinds of dresses, from boho soft to more glam mermaid style; just to give you an idea that any kind of dress can work inside a funky wedding styling.


Holding one beautiful flower as her bouquet metaphorically says that there is strength in being vulnerable. Beautiful and bold floral centerpieces on the table and on the backdrop.  A cool and sassy bridal cake with complimentary lollycakes. Vibrant, funky and at the same time minimalistic wedding stationery.  And to give bride to be’s the idea of a signature cocktail, cocktails we’re made by a barman who gave a little bit of schwung with his making these cocktails on the spot.


The pink lightening bolt was handmade with a led lamp pipe to simulate a neon sign which is more expensive to buy, but is actually achievable to make it yourself. We chose our colours to be mustard yellow/gold with pink. They are vibrant colours and complemented eachother well in the pink room. The giant discoball and the pink referee seat made for an extra cool element of the shoot. All of these touches gave the shoot a cohesive, stylish and
contemporary feel to it. Everything came together so nicely and we feel that we accomplished our mission well.


Tackling Bridal Stereotypes – Fashion Shoot from Arantja Rosalina on Vimeo.

Organisation & Head pieces :  Elysian   Organisation & jewelry : Eline de Visser | Photography : By josechan | Photography assistent : Mariska Staal |  Makeup & Hair : Esther van’t Zelfde | Styling : Nina weddings  | Flowers : SUUS Bloem & Meer | Cake : Sticky Flour |  Cocktails : Ryan Tjon   | Stationery : Secret Salt | Videography : Aurum Films | Dresses : La Bella Blanca | Models : Louise Lam , HaNnEke, Annelie Troost, Athina Puype, Kessy Ghose via Jenphia Models 




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