Working with fine materials, the jewellery designer Alice Magnin works to create unique pieces you will want to wear for years. Implicating her clients to the design process, she also sources her inspiration into antic jewellery technology, nature and cultivate intentional imperfection with love that results into custom crafted rings in beautiful metals that fit perfectly with the personnality of those who wear them.

From Alice…

After a degree in architecture I felt attracted to applied art and while I were hanging in the corridor of the famous Central Saint Martins, I bump into the course director of the jewellery section, Scilla Speet who offer me a space for studying jewellery design in London. It all started there were I spend 11 years learning and developing my brand. I sold for many years in HP France Japan, as well as China and UK, always handmade small editions. But come one time where I felt the return for france was necessary, mainly missing sunshine I have to say. I today develop and produce one off jewel and small edition mainly using traditional antic technique.

Choosing to order a custom made jewellery is a unique experience,

also that will allow the person to participate to the design development process and create a piece of jewellery unique to them. My idea is to answer any questions but also get sufficient information to realise the best possible rings that  would suit personality and budget.

All my jewellery are casted from 18ct gold sourced from recycled metal and Napoléon’s coins. I always felt that is no need for digging mother nature for more when we know that french bank are full of gold. From there I ressource my inspiration into antic jewellery technology, nature and cultivate intentional imperfection with love. I use a tool invented by Leonard de Vinci, a setting that disappear, lost wax carving, and much more. While new technologies are little by little absorbing all the traditional crafts techniques, I really feel on my side to preserve and research on that direction.

For my last work I use granulation technique that would tiny beads of gold that were hammered and then solder
together. The texture look like a dragon’s skin.

Your vision about an on-trend wedding ? A modern bride ?

In this time I feel that women can be everything she feel and want inside herself. I would hopes more than
anything that a bride and futur spouse can be just feeling with no pressure and flow with what they like. The all
part at the end is too celebrate love and union and I really felt this from most of my customer coming for wedding
band to visit.

What define for you « the french touch » ?

The “french touch” have to see with originality and quality hopefully.

Which celebrity would you dream to work/create for ?

Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani who recently got married, Eva Green, Alela Diane the folk singer, so many
people I like the work and wish to make jewellery for.

Chinese Portrait , if you were…

I would be a bag, full of stuff, tools, book of ideas, make up and hand cream, seeds found in nature, jewellery
and gemstones (all sorts)…
A color :  I like the idea of polychrome color, in gemstones some stones are changing their color depending from which angle you are looking at it, moonstone, opal, tourmaline, some sapphire as well..
A texture/ material :  Can I be gold?
– I would be a ring with an emerald and a secret message engraved on the back.
A destination : Lanzarote please!
A music : I have to think for days to make my mind, some reggae would be great but is it appropriate?
A fashion icon : Audrey Hepburn

Workshop and gallerie: Espace Solidor – Atelier La Crypte – 14 Place du Château – 06 800 Cagnes-sur-mer
On appointment
Price from collection 150 to 3 600 euros |Price for commission work from 300 to 150 000 euros
Website : | Facebook | Instagram | PinterestPhotography : Jean Claude Martinez (portraits Alice & workshop) | Marion Roudil | Sébastien Boudot


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