For more than 25 years, Michel Benet, coming from the industry of catering and twice finalist of MOF (Best Worker of France), treat to a meal the couples from all over the world. Indeed, la Vallergue is reaching clients worldwide even though it is not always easy to translate properly “Le Pistou de filet de rouget sur son émincé de fenouil” (Pistou of red mullet fish on fine slices of fennel). The whole company is a family story, as it is composed by the father « their Chef » and his 2 sons: Roberto who is the director and Aurélien who is the pastry chef.

What is making their strength is their capacity to answer all couples in less than 2 days, either in French or in English. But also to be able to make their dream wedding cake, French style thanks to their pastry team and to serve you on the D-Day with smile!

What makes them different than the other caterers from the region is that they have been awarded second best caterer of France in 2018! (They also won the Wedding Awards in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 from the website

What is your philosophy?

Our philosophy is to use only fresh, good and regional (from Provence) ingredients, and to tailor-made all our menus. And of course to accompany this with top quality and professional service from our teams on the D-Day.

Not to forget a commercial team ready to listen to all the needs of the couple.

What is inspiring you?

Provence, olive trees and lavender

What are your favorite plates from your menu?

The nature foie gras along with its home-made gingerbread (a very popular meal during the tastings), the macaroon tomato, goat’s cheese, and basil

As a starter: Millefeuille of red mullet fish barely cooked with its emulsion of beurre blanc, chives, and early vegetables.

As a course: Filet mignon of lamb from Provence, meat stock with rosemary and grilled Provencal flavors

Can you give us 3 words that describe the best the modern bride/couple according to you?

They are traveling the world, take advice from professionals instead of their parents and know what they want!

What is your vision of an on-trend wedding?

An on-trend wedding for us would be a wedding that takes place under the stars in a field of olive trees, chic but rustic if the weather is sunny; or under a tent, with some big wooden tables and some vintage dishes if it is more unstable.

Are there some venues that you particularly like to work into?

Domaine de Sarson, Château de la Tour Vaucros, les Domaines de Patras, Mas de So, Mas d’Arvieux, Domaine de Blanche Fleur, Domaine de Palerme, Mas des Comtes de Provence…There are a lot of gems in the area!

One that is out of the ordinary: Domaine Sainte Colombe
One more intimate: Domaine les Roullets

So, will you be our 121st amazing couple of this 2019 season?!

La Vallergue Traiteur, 365 rue de l’Aulanière 84000 Avignon | Mail, +33(0)4 32 700 100

Useful information:
From 20 people to… no limit as we have the possibility to service between 800 and 1000 covers per weekend! | We offer all types of services, either plate by plate, as a buffet or in cocktail | We also offer some furniture, dishes, and linen (White or flax) | We are available from Monday to Friday for this season or the next one | Our full-package offer starts at 95 € per person.

Photography & Film: Pinewood Weddings | Planning: Majenia | Floral Design: D’amour et de déco | MUHA : Alexandra Manai | Dress: Rime Arodaky | Calligraphy: Calligraphique | Caterer: La Vallergue | Tableware : La Comptoir de Julia | DJ: Nuit Blanche DJ | : Venue: Domaine de la Chapelle Saint Bacchi



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