Inspired by the game of light & shadow, the bridal designer Caroline Quesnel plays with the transparency and the textures; For her new 2020 collection, The dresses are drawn in pure and elegant lines, fluid materials, French lace or embroidery. The designer tells us more about her journey and inspirations…


How was born your company ?
My company was born on a whim. Close friends couldn’t find women’s wedding dresses for pregnant. I decided to go on this adventure.

What is your role with a future bride?
I accompany her throughout her marriage, I advise her and create her wedding dress.


What is your creative process?
 Step 1 : a 1st meeting at the workshop allows us to get to know each other, to define your expectations, define your style taking into account your morphology.From this rich exchange will be born a sketch that I will draw for you. Thanks to the canvases that I propose to you to try, you can immediately visualize the ideas of drawing on your body and have first contact with the fabrics selected by me to coincide with your budget. Following this meeting, I will submit a detailed proposal summarizing the choice of materials that have amazed you and the prices.

STEP 2: You were conquered by our meeting and we meet again to plunge into the detail of the creative process. I schedule our interviews, set the delivery date of your custom-made dress and I proceed to the complete measurement of your measurements. To conclude this appointment, I am pleased to offer you the sketch of your dress! Your canvas is like a sketch of your dress. This canvas is made to be adjusted or modified to find the perfect proportions. She will then serve me as a boss to cut in the real stuffs.

STEP 3:  This is a crucial and very precise step in the creation of your dress. Each material that reacts differently to cutting and ironing, everything is adjusted to the millimeter! We’ll be able to still make slight changes to your dress
STEP 4:  Your dress is finally ready! We discover on you, with a lot of emotion, your pretty dress during the last fitting. You will leave with the realization of a dream and pretty memories in the form of a book of creation.


What were your sources of inspiration for this new collection?
I was much inspired by the light / dark game, the sun and the shadow. Brightness is the key word from this collection.

Your vision of the trend wedding? 3 words to define a modern bride?
Sophisticated, Connected, Follows Trends
What is the definition of french touch for you?
The good taste of French know-how.

Which famous bride would you like to dress?
Kate Middleton

Chinese Portrait
       An accessory: Lipstick
       One color: Navy Blue
       One material: silk crepe
       A jewel: An alliance
       A destination: my father’s home
       Music to make an entrance: Let’s twist again (pulp fiction)
       A fashion icon: Maureen O ‘hara

Website : | Photography : Elise Morgan


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4 Replies to “Between light & shadow, the new collection of Caroline Quesnel”

  1. Caroline Quesnel says: 2020-01-10 at 12:14

    Bonjour Vanessa et Véronique,,
    Je vous remercie de votre soutient ! Je suis touchée qu’un aussi beau blog de mariage me publie !
    Grand merci à vous, je fais mon maximum dans mon atelier à Lyon pour créer les plus belles robes de mariées.

    Lien de mon site :

    1. Un rendez-vous says: 2020-01-10 at 1:00

      Je t’en prie Caroline, c’est un plaisir de partager les jolies choses. Pour info c’est l’article sur ta collection qui a été vu le plus de fois, du coup il va être republier dans le top 3 de 2019 🙂

  2. Laurie Jurdic says: 2020-01-10 at 12:17

    Ah c’est amusant je viens de lire un autre article sur cette créatrice, je viens de découvrir votre blog et il est sublime ! j’ai hâte de découvrir les prochaines collections !
    PS : ses robes se mariées sont magnifiques !

    1. Un rendez-vous says: 2020-01-10 at 1:00

      Merci beaucoup Laurie pour votre adorable message !! 🙂

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