Today, we are meeting Cécile, a 31 years old blogger living in Nice, on the French Riviera. Cécile is a real hedonist, who lives life to the full. Dynamic, meticulous, curious, she likes nature, sport and discovers new places. In a nutshell a beaming woman!

Her close relations find her company pleasant, but also say about her she’s responsible and sometimes too stressed. She doesn’t like to waste, neither her time nor in general and unexpected events (but most of all to eat snails ^^).

She’s getting married soon; she tells us how she approaches her wedding preparations!

How long are you living as a couple and when did you meet your partner?

Almost 3 years, we met at the sports club where he was working then.

Give us 2 words to describe your relationship?

Joy & trust!

How did the proposal happen? Was it a surprise or did you expect it?

I have been very surprised because it was the day of our contract of civil union and I was not expecting that at all! Indeed, after discussing it, we had decided to wait a few years for the right moment. 
I was speechless so much I was moved. Our idyllic evening will be forever etched on my memory.

How do you picture your wedding day? What is inspiring you?

I imagine that day touching of course, but also with a lot of fun!
My biggest wish: to seize the moment with each guest. It’s the reason why we decided to organize our wedding abroad.
We let our hearts speak and made the program according to our wishes.

What is the expected date for your wedding?

Our civil wedding will take place in the city hall of Nice on June 1st. And we are going to Marrakech from June 8 to 11.

What did you start your planning with? Where do you stand today?

We started with the venue. We didn’t think it would be so complicated to do it remotely.
It was particularly important to be able to own the place during our stay so that our loved ones could stay with us.
At the same time, I was so eager to find my dress.

As of today, we still have to organize the lay ceremony with our bridesmaids, best men, and the officiant.

How do you choose the suppliers that will work with you? What matters to you in the way they are doing their job?

I am lucky to have a team of professionals thanks to my blog: videographer, photographer, graphic designer (stationery) and DJ.
It really matters to me to know in person the providers for the d-day. I want to be able to count on them with my eyes closed.

Is there some things that you like in the planning of your wedding? Things that you are worried about?

I loved looking for surprises for the guests, designing the wedding and building the program of the stay.
The management of alcoholic beverages is one of the things that I am not keen on handling.

What is the modern and on-trend bride according to you?

For me, the modern bride put the highest priority on building a wedding that fits the most with what she and her future husband are.
She really wants to be attentive to their own needs without pressure.

What happiness!

Follow Cécile’s daily life on her blog 
And don’t forget, you have until April 29th to participate in the contest that we have imagined together for the engaged couples! To find out more, go to her Instagram

Photography: Memori Studio 

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