You are seeking for the perfect venue to host your event? Today, come with us in l’Isle sur la Sorgue in France, at the Domaine de Palerme!

In 1736, the « Domaine de Palerme » was first built as the country residence of the Duke Antoine de Palerme, Treasurer of the Pope, who was living in Isle sur la Sorgue. The place was then successively a vacation resort for the Pontifical court during the 18th century, and then the country house of Albert Camus during the 50s.

During the renovation works of the Bastide in 2016, the owners tried hard to preserve the authenticity of the property (this is why they used beautiful old materials) and to add some comfort to it (mainly through the addition of bathrooms and bedding 5*).

The soul and spirit of the Domaine de Palerme have been created to be like a family house where you can feel at ease immediately, and this is one reason you will want to organize your wedding there.

On July 31, 1948, as Camus settled in Palerme for the summer, he wrote to the one he loved: “The house is large, in the countryside. (The village is two kilometers away.) Beautiful trees, cypresses, olive trees, a countryside so beautiful that it is oppressive, everything speaks of beauty here; I never stop thinking of you ».

What is the philosophy of your house?

The « Domaine de Palerme » isn’t a place that we own, but a place that we have our heart set on. We are trying every day to protect its magic and we enjoy sharing it with our old and new friends, those that we meet by chance in life and events as unique as a wedding. Simplicity and elegance are the keywords that help us day after day to make our choices, in terms of amenities, and lifestyle.

What is inspiring you in terms of design/decoration?

We get a lot of inspiration from the 50s, the time when Camus lived in Palerme! We try to build a decoration faithful of this period but with touches of contemporary, such as the lacquered black and yellow chandeliers “Nuage”, in the Orangery or billiards in light oak along with the clean lines in the living room renamed “lounge billiards”, or even the magnificent library XVIII, embedded in a wall, offering a perspective on the wine cellar.

What are your favorite parts of the venue?

The Orangery, large lounge “skylights”, with its view on the park and further away the mountains of Luberon, 
… and of course, the suite Camus, renamed “bridal suite” during weddings as each bride and groom are choosing this one during their stay!

Are there some suppliers that you really like and you would like to recommend? 

Of course …
… I always recommend, in each area, individuals who are the best at the following three items: (1) business expertise, (2) willingness to go above & beyond their customers’ expectations and (3) talent to communicate.

Can you give us 3 words that describe the modern bride/couple according to you?

For the modern bride: solar, attentive, and unifying.

For the modern couple: balance, respect, and openness to the world.

What is your vision of an on-trend wedding?

The on-trend wedding is to live a moment of exception, just like this and share it with his only friends, in a setting that looks like the couple .. Easy to say but a nice challenge for the bride and groom and their wedding planner!

Being “trendy” is also daring to break the codes. By choosing, for example, to not use a « table plan»!


Le Domaine de Palerme, 725 route de Palerme, 84800 L’Isle sur la Sorgue | Eric Gusman (owner), +33(0)6 09 90 80 90

Useful information:
Capacity: 300 guests max outside or in the tent / 50 in seated dinner, 100 in cocktail mode indoorNumber of beds: 15 (7 rooms, of 35 m2 average)
Swimming pool (18×8 meters) | Dance floor: the Orangerie, doors open on the park | Fallback solution: the octagonal tent of Be Lounge rented from April 15 to October 15, located in the adjoining field of the park, facing the BastideTime limit: 4 am | No imposed providers | Open bookings for year n + 1: anytime | Price range (rent “dry”): 14.500 € incl. VAT (for 3 nights) to 18.500 € incl. VAT (for 7 nights)

Outside photography: Thomas Gayet | Indoor photography: Jean-Baptiste Chauvin, Photographe Mariage Paris 

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  1. MisterJ says: 2019-12-20 at 2:08

    C’est rare de voir des photos d’interieur en N&B
    Joli ! 🙂

    1. Un rendez-vous says: 2020-01-09 at 11:12

      Merci 😉

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