By creating this collection, the designer Fanny Sathoud saw something pure, poetic, natural, light and that emerges an authentic and serene atmosphere. That’s how she imagines a bride: serene, because she wears a dress that reflects who she is, serene, because she feels at ease in her dress: she is free from any shackles, any stiffness . Her dress must follow her in her movements.
Her inspiration for the 2020 season came from ancient Greece with its drapes, its vaporous fabrics, and its allure so feminine and timeless at the same time.

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How is born your company ?
The company sprouted in my mind in 2011 when a friend did not find her wedding dress. I was a stylist at the time, and I immediately accepted the challenge!
I fell in love with her dress! to be surrounded by beautiful silky materials, beautiful lace Calais and see her eyes sparkling and moved when she put on her dress, it was a very nice reward. Creating a tailor-made wedding dress is really something very special because there are so many emotions!
And when other orders arrived behind, I knew I was made for this job. It was necessary that this idea matures then when the opportunity presented itself, I was able to open my workshop showroom in 2017.
The key words of my work are: simplicity, elegance and freedom of movement. Simplicity because I do not like chickens, make tons, make too complicated and my dresses look like me in this. I like to go to the basics, with authenticity! The movement because when the bride moves, towards the altar or on the dance floor, the dress must move, turn, be totally moving, free, fluid. I want a “wow” effect when the bride moves! And finally elegance, by materials and lace. I have this duality where I like what is sober, purified and at the same time I need a precious part, I use calais lace, or fine beadwork to emphasize a size, a neckline …
Everything is a matter of balance, and that’s what gives a Fanny Sathoud dress. All my dresses are entirely made by me: from the sketch to the last hand finish. This is why I attach great importance to the fact that each dress is a unique piece and fully corresponds to the future bride.

What is your role with a future bride ?
My role is to listen, advise and sublimate!
The first appointment is entirely devoted to him: what are the aspirations for his marriage, what is his own definition of marriage? what is the dress she dreams of wearing? Then I advise her on the dress that will go with its morphology, but also with his personality and what it will have entrusted to me during our interview. A tailored dress is primarily the result of exchanges.
Finally, I sublimate it by choosing with it the finest qualities of materials, the most beautiful lace, and the cut that will highlight it.

What is your creative process ?

It takes 4 appointments. The first, as I explained, is a time of exchange where I listen to the future bride and her aspirations. At the end of this first exchange, I leave him a sketch with a quote.
Once the sketch is validated, the future bride returns a few weeks later, to try her dress in canvas, that is to say her dress in a first version that validates volumes and cuts.
Finally, there are two other appointments, where this time the future bride tries her dress in the beautiful materials we have chosen, we make some adjustments and adjustments necessary, and 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding, she returns for the first time. try one last time and leave with it.

What were your sources of inspiration for this new collection?
For this new collection, the inspiration that came to me is that of ancient Greece: with its long white dresses full of grace, drapes, light fabrics, fluid and vaporous, all in a simplicity and a timeless femininity.
For the shoot, I wanted a soft atmosphere, and realize it in a place that breathes authenticity and is a witness of time, history. We were fortunate to be able to do it at the Château de La Roche-Guyon.
In addition, I was surrounded by a superb team, full of talent, who was able to showcase my creations:
Lyse Kong, the talented photographer ; Loriane of Lush & Loved, for the artistic direction of the shooting; Miss Mandy for sublime hairstyles and make-up ; Aiko from Verdefleurs for the bouquet and floral decorations full of delicacy;  Armelle who has beautifully worn my creations.

Your vision of a trendy wedding? 3 words to define a modern bride?
Free, elegant and natural! A trendy wedding is a marriage that looks like the couple, their story, their love and who breathes authenticity.

What defines for you “the french touch”?
The French Touch is to be incredibly beautiful by being natural. Not because we wear such a mark, such a bag or that we follow this trend, but because we have appropriated its beauty, we have found the right balance between being natural and sophisticated. We come out of the “french touch” as soon as we do too much.

What famous bride would you dream of dressing up?
The most recent bride: Meghan Markle. In addition to being a very beautiful woman, I really liked the choice of her dress: sober and elegant!

Chinese portrait: If you were …
an accessory ? I would be a book
A color ? I would be blue
A material ? I would be silk
A jewel ? I would be an alliance
A destination ? I would be Crete, (the one that remained authentic, far from the tourist centers)
Entrance music ? “Can not stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake
A fashion icon ? Clémence Poesy

Useful infos:
The prices of the dresses start from 1 800 € |appointment via the website: Photographer : Lyse Kong | Artistic direction : Lush & Loved | MUAH : Miss Mandy| Flowers : Verdefleurs| Model : Armelle | Hair Accessories : Rachel Suhubiette | Venue: Château La Roche Guyon



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