The Somali-born model Kafia Mahdi came to Hungary as a refugee where she could find a shelter, a career, and LOVE.

This inspirational shoot is meant to define beauty through this young couple’s real love story.
Kafia was the biggest inspiration and the spirit was to tell their story in a tail which can be an inspiration for everyone.

The planner was Fruzsi from Padma Wedding. She made all the shoot happen by looking for the best vendors that could fit with the vision they have and match with the concept of the shoot.
Wertan Botond and Geza Vadas are among the most wanted photographers and videographers in Hungary. Their work is always meaningful and artistic, reflecting real emotions. Having them onboard was a necessity for Fruzsi as they would be a perfect pair to showcase and tell the story of the couple.

After that, all the pieces fit together instantly and the whole shooting was in motion.

“Beauty has varied throughout time, various cultures and the vast different perceptions of the world. Beauty has been described and depicted through pictures and concepts penetrating our minds. Beauty has been defined in so many ways. What I have discovered is that beauty is simple. Beauty is happiness – Lexi Herrick

The Amber Bride castle was selected as the venue and all its ruinous details were a true source of inspiration to share their vision of beauty.  The beauty of a woman who went through incredible things and the beauty of their unconditional love. High-end bridal dress by Lucidité was designed specifically for Kafia to highlight her beautiful body with its elegant simplicity. Quality groom sets were also tailored specially for Bence by the Elite Fashion suithouse. 

The vision about the design and colors were easily pictured by Evergreen Moments while looking at the couple and the lovely pieces of furniture provided by Brent were the final touch to perfectly assemble all these together. On the table, you may find creations from the cake designer Tonkababa who is a real expert of french style mousses and pastry art. 

This moody session takes you to a forgotten castle, into the world of these two, where they got locked for their entire life.

Photography: WertanFoto | Planning & coordination: Padma Wedding | Decor & styling: Evergreen Moments | MUHA: Makeup By D, Lang Boglarka | Dress: Lucidité Bridal | Menswear: Elite Fashion | Dessert: Tonkababa |  Furniture: Brent | Models: Rea Milla, Bence Meszaros | Venue: Amber Bride 

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