Everything started with their choice of the location and how they perfectly integrate the architectural lines of the landscape of Rosemary and Aly’s Beach in Florida. 

There is something natural but uncommon in the graphic lines of each element, the stairs, the landscapes and even the dresses that catch the attention of everyone that is looking at them. This minimal but original atmosphere is exactly what they wanted to transcribe in this shoot, and they managed to do it as we have been attracted instantly when we discovered the images. The use of shadows, the natural and pure beauty of the landscape, the deepness in the look of the model, and all these little details put the light on the work of each of the people that took part in this shoot.

The work of Heather Payne during her mentor session with Dani, from Edelle Photography, was perfect for catching the intention and the emotions that are created by the assembly of all the elements.

And the feedback from both the mentor and the student were terrific after the session.
Heather Payne Photography said: « This was a favorite shoot designed by Lacy Geary with stunning Lee Grebenau gowns from Spina Bride in NYC. When working on these mentorships, my biggest goal is to create a custom workshop experience for each individual to meet them in their current needs. I’m so grateful to share my tips in creating fine art imagery and help a fellow photographer discover their unique voice. Over a 2-day time period, we dive deep into every level of the business and end with a custom photo-shoot designed to push the artist to the next level with their newly refined eye. »

And Dani from Edelle Photography was truly grateful: « Heather Payne’s one-to-one mentorship was the true turning point for my business. After our two days together, I learned way more than I ever imagined. Heather took her time to get to know me and my business’ needs and created this custom shoot to elevate my work and teach me the process of slowing down and creating intentional art using lines, patterns, shadows, and backgrounds. »

Photography & Concept: Heather Payne Photography | Planning & Design: Lacy Geary | MUHA: EulannaDresses: Lee Grebenau of Spina Bride | Florist: Myrtie Blue | Rings: Erstwhile Jewelry | Paper Goods: Alley & CoModel: Bailey Mccracken of Izon Models


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