It is always such an exciting and inspiring moment when women get together in the name of art. Bowie Rae was fortunate enough to be a part of this incredible collaboration of Canberra-based talented women, all passionate about creating a new space within the bridal industry. A voice is always louder in chorus which is why collaborations are so important; working in unison to create a platform where multiple visions can come to life through one lens. 


Photographer Lauren Campbell creates a beautiful narrative through these images, capturing a more contemporary representation of Bridal. Bowie Rae’s latest Suited collection portrays a very original take on what it means to be a Bride. Contrasting between the timeless elegance of Dylan; a structured pencil dress and the more dramatic pieces like the Caleb Cape and Marc blazer dress, their latest Suited collection features a brave and bold approach to ‘Here Comes the Bride’.

Being a modern bride who isn’t afraid to be original doesn’t mean a loss of romance and feminity as Lauren and this inspiring team were able to create. The play between the feminine and the masculine is carefully considered with the use of space, florals and styling. In an industry where story-telling traditionally became lost in the details, this careful collaboration of like-minded talent tells a very important story of the new kind of bride; the Bowie Bride who doesn’t shy away from doing Bridal Her Way.

Photography – Lauren Campbell   |Hair and Make up – Jessica Peris Make-up |Florist -Laurel and Lace | Model – Mary Bilal | Accessories – Brie LeonAshley Lim | Location + Styling: Mrs Fray

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