Launched in 2010, JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded is the first French ethical and modern jewelry company. 
Shaking the traditional codes of the sector up, JEM wants to embody a new modern, sustainable and enlightened vision of jeweler’s craft and precious jewels based on the values of transparency, awareness, and respect. At the origin of the project: the social and ecological stakes that exist on the jeweler’s raw material extraction and sometimes have tragic consequences. Pollution around the mines, poor working conditions, and opacity of supply chains are just a few examples. These issues are no longer unknown today and are in total contradiction with the beauty and emotion of a jewel.

JEM offers a brand-new ethical approach, committing to be transparent, responsible and in constant improvement. Our will is a state of mind and a global strategy, consistent with our values, respectful of Man and Nature in all our activities, from the mine to the case.
At the heart of our commitments lie the sourcing of eco-responsible, ethical and certified raw materials, traceability guaranteed at each step of the creation of jewels but also the protection and transmission of the French jeweler’s know-how.
The gold that JEM uses comes exclusively from artisanal mines certified FAIRMINED. Created in 2007, the Fairmined program and label guarantee mining at a human scale and respect of people and the environment and promotes the development of mining communities. The Fairmined standards are to date the most stringent in terms of environmental protection, the safety of minors, social development, governance, and traceability.

In June 2018, JEM improved the raw material it uses and launched its first collection of ethical diamonds with synthetic diamonds, which are real diamonds, fully traceable and eco-responsible. Like diamonds get from mining, laboratory diamonds are also created by the same natural chemical phenomenon: the crystallization of carbon. The origin and the place of this phenomenon are the only things that differ. Mining diamond is created underground at kilometers deep and requires an extraction that have most often disastrous impacts for Man and Nature. The laboratory diamond is produced on the surface of the earth under completely controlled social and environmental conditions.

What is your philosophy? What is the DNA of your brand?

JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded wants to shake the codes of traditional jewelry up, bringing Luxury and Sustainable Development back together and associating both absolute esthetics and ethical values. JEM intends to take a new look at jewelry without depriving it of the poetry and grace that are part of it and embody modern, inspiring and meaningful jewelry.

JEM is convinced that jewelry can become a driving force, by taking concrete and decisive actions, by taking part into societal and environmental progress and by working with total transparency: being as beautiful by its aesthetics as by its behavior.

What are you inspired by?

JEM provides a stripped-down, modern and organized jewel and environment. JEM likes using natural, minimalist and radical lines inspired by the world of architecture, creating timeless jewelry with a clear modern identity.

What are the pieces you like the most from your collection?

The « Octogone » solitaire and its emerald diamond, timeless and modern.
The ring « Octogone » with its cushion diamond: a modern jewel or an audacious engagement ring
The top earrings « Octogone », with elegant and minimalist detail
The ring « Voids », for those who dare being original

Can you give us 3 words that describe the best the modern bride/couple?

Authentic, singular, self-confident

What is your vision of an on-trend wedding?

A trendy wedding is a wedding which looks like the bride and the groom.
A moment that relates their history and the future they are about to write together.

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