Like many people I think, I have always loved catching moments of life, and this is why I have been taking pictures of everything around me, naturally, without even thinking about it. And then ten years ago I discovered a real passion for portraits and especially portraits of Women.

My vision of photography has finally changed when I was preparing my own wedding 8 years ago. I felt so deeply the importance of immortalizing moments of life, moments that often go too fast and that are true meaning of what we really are.

I started to study photography seriously, to seek for any piece of information on the subject, spending my whole weekends watching the classes of famous photographers, sometimes the night because of the time difference with the United States or Australia: to summarize, photography became an obsession.

Starting with my friends and family, and then friends of relatives, the snowball effect started and I soon became a full-time photographer.

As they say, we really like our job when we can’t help but thinking about it every 30min! If this is true, I can say that I really like my job!

How would you define your own style?

I try to tell the story behind each couple, as it comes, in a natural and caring way. I mix considered images with purely spontaneous shots to better reflect the atmosphere of each event.

I would describe my style as a mix between fine-art for the timeless touch and fashion and lifestyle inspirations for the modern one.

What is inspiring you?

I am deeply inspired by nature, light, my travels and when I have the chance to discover new cultures and traditions. I like to shoot in places that come with a story and try to catch the exchanges between people, especially the gestures and looks that are pieces of evidence of the love and feelings of my models.

I am also very inspired by the refinement and authenticity of film photography and all the magic behind the creation process.

What are your tips to make the couples you are working with comfortable?

Our discussions from the first meeting to the big day help a lot. I really care about them and during the wedding day, I try to have them feel inside a virtual cocoon where they can just be the two of them. I try to guide them gently without making them do things they are not comfortable with or that doesn’t look like them.

How do you prepare the wedding day? Do you recommend to meet with the couple beforehand?

Yes absolutely, I recommend at least one meeting to get to know each other and discuss their vision of their wedding. If we are too far from each other to meet in person, we organize a virtual meeting on Skype.

I always take stock of the organization one or two weeks before the event to make sure I am aware of all the details and changes of plan that can have occurred.

What is THE photo you really want to take?

There is a whole list of photos that need to be taken and I absolutely want to capture the one that will create a thrill to the couple watching their album. All the photo report is built to remind of the emotions and memories of the moment of life that was captured in my images when looking at them few years later. But each couple is different from the other and they all have specific moments that touch them more. Communication between us is the key to make sure I don’t miss them.

I often smile or get moved alone in front of my screen when I am working on the edition of the images because I know the feelings and emotions behind and I am proud to immortalize them in my pictures.

Can you give us 3 words that describe the best the modern bride/couple?

Elegant, glowing and open to the world are 3 words that define the modern couple for me.

What is your vision of an on-trend wedding?

The on-trend wedding is classy, timeless, personal, and put the accent on quality over quantity.

If you had carte blanche for a wedding, what would you do?

I think that I would let the wedding go as it is. But I would add more time for the preparation part with a boudoir session shot on film for the couple and some quiet time with close relatives because I find these moments very special and moving. I would also suggest a complementary couple session before or after the wedding to take the time to capture even more moments of life in a background that looks like them. Why not deciding for the beach, bare feet in the sand like in a honeymoon atmosphere, or for the mountains during a hike! And on top using as much natural light as possible and placing greater attention to details.

Photography: Julia Rapp | Creative direction: Pearl & Godiva | Editorial shoot: Tamara Gigola | Coordination: Fleurs de Reve | MUHA: Noeleen, efc studios Dresses: Studio Viperine | Jewelry: Kristin Hayes Jewelry Shoes: Asos

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