Since it was created in 1998, Maje, the glam, rock & chic brand offers daring, modern & urban fashion pieces.

Over the years, Maje successfully developed a full range of clothes from ready-to-wear to accessories and became a top brand of accessible luxury.

As the weddings season is starting, the brand reveals its capsule collection named « Let’s celebrate ». 
Once again, Maje gives prominence to trendy pieces, with an attention to subtle & off-the-wall details for a firmly feminine outline, both simple and glamorous.

For your civil wedding, to feel unique on all the weddings you’re invited in or because you have been chosen as a bridesmaid, find below our selection.

| Manuela, cropped top and trousers in daisy guipure | 

| Reinette, sleeveless dress in crochet-style basket knit | 

“L’élégance de vivre plusieurs vies dans une seule journée – Judith Milgrom

| Joseal, long organza-style skirt | 

| Rossini, bare-shouldered tulle dress | 

| Ripiza, short guipure dress | 

| Revani, organza shirt dress… | 

| …or its longer version, Roane | 

| Riviera, sleeveless dress with sequins (our crush!) | 

Regarding accessories, our bet goes to these earrings and this mini sequins purse that looks really amazing!

| Quartz…meaning love | 

| M Mini, Maje’s classic restyled for joyful occasions | 

Let’s celebrate!

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