Being an artist was a vocation for Elise Morgan. Supported by her parents, she early experimented photography with friends in college, before to meet with wedding photography that she never left since. Inspired by light and architecture, her images are reflecting her interest for lines and love for people connections. Elise tells us more about her journey and inspirations…

How did you start doing photos/videos ?
Since I was a kid, I always knew I wanted to have an artistic profession. My Mom and Dad encouraged me to expand my artistic abilities. I started photographing my friends in college in my early twenties. It never left me ever since. I photographed my first wedding almost 10 years ago and it marked me in a very peculiar way. I knew I had found what would be my job and reason to get up in the morning.

How would you define your own style ?
I like to think that my style is all about being sincere, delicate and elegant.

What is inspiring you?
I take inspiration in all and everything that surrounds me. Love and light are the main sources of inspiration in my
daily life. I also adore visiting museums and expositions, as I can take inspiration in a painting, a fabric, a statue, a
movie, a piece of the clothing, a building…
Architecture is also my very main other strong field of interest, especially the one from the 1920s and 30s ; I am
all about Bauhaus and pure lines.

What are your tips to make the couples you are working with comfortable?
As a casual and simple person, I am all about making people confortable and confident. Our job is all about making people feeling safe and understood in their particularities. Being a great wedding photographer is about connecting sincerely with the people that choose you to share their big day with.
When shooting, I try to make them create a serene “bubble” around them, by not shooting too close for starters. Out of shyness or modesty, being photographed can be very hard for certain people. I let my couples settle down and guide them when needed. I can sometimes tell a few jokes to make them laugh as well.

How do you prepare the wedding day? Do you recommend to meet with the couple beforehand?
I always meet with my couples, at least 2 times over Skype if not in the flesh. The first meeting is for us to see how we vibe together. The second one, closer to the wedding date, is useful for us to review on the schedule and logistics, if not covered by a planner.

What is THE photo you really want to take?
This a very hard question to answer. Many moments matter during a wedding day. I would say that the images that matter the most to me are the ones showing genuine love and deep connection. Husbands and wives. Mothers and brides. Wives and wives. Husbands and husbands. Grooms and Dads…

Can you give us 3 words that describe the modern bride/couple according to you?

(but) Casual and easy-going
Madly in love

What is your vision of an on-trend wedding?
On-trend is a very wide notion. Being on-trend is all about putting together something with great aesthetics, but as
well as something that is very much faithful to who you are and what you want to share with your cherished ones.

If you had carte blanche for a wedding, what would you do?
I already married my soulmate 3 years ago, but if I were to redo it once again, I would change it all to get married
on a beach. I imagine a long table where all my cherished souls would sit together. I see white flowers, fabric and candles, with the night sky for only ceiling. The sound of waves and a giant bonfire to dance the rest of the night away. The day after the wedding, we would go surfing and share fresh seafood and french wine.

Which celebrity would you dream to work with?

I have no clear idea of whom I would choose, we are surrounded by so many beautiful souls…

Chinese portrait : if your were
A color : Off white
Texture/ material : Concrete
A destination : Paris
A track : Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
A fashion icon : Yves Saint Laurent

Useful information:
Where do you work ? France – Europe – USA
Price range starting at €2100

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