We fell in love at first sight with this Marcos Sánchez shoot for the latest Immaclé’s collection. The modern architecture, the minimalist structures, and the lines from Barcelona’s beautiful buildings are perfectly combining with the lush and complexity of Immaclé’s designs and results in a modern, authentic and trendy atmosphere.

This is enforced even more with the choice of the model, Sabrina, with her almost mystical beauty that put a different light on the designs of the dresses. The whole gives strength to the photo shoot and is a perfect showcase for Immaclé’s work.
We liked above all Marcos’ original philosophy.

“Find inspiration in the beauty that surrounds us

In addition to the rest, the vision of the flower artist, Yolanda was a subtle touch that finished to convince us about this shoot.  The choice of colors and type of flowers and the use of single flower bouquets was a true success and felt natural into this specific environment (These smoke bush, phalaenopsis, and anthurium…wow!)

We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

Photography: Marcos Sànchez  | Dresses: Immaclé  | Florist: Best Day Ever

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