True to her unconditional love for the incredible French know-how, the Maison Céline de Monicault reveals her new 2020 collection “Ecume”. An ode to the woman, sensual, feminine, elegant, never too primed with exquisite bold embroidery that gives just a touch of sparkle for creative silhouettes. By collaborating with exceptional houses, this new collection revolves around French and Belgian fabrics: organza and embroidered tulle designed by Céline, silk chiffon and our famous silk and cotton stripes, and always the washed crepe of China, heavy satin crepe, all lined with silk satin for an exquisite softness on the skin that can not be forgotten.

Timeless dresses, perfectlty adjusted without any superfluity.

9 dresses with multiple personalities that allow each woman to feel herself. The result is creations with a clean and refined style, both modern and timeless with an undeniable elegance.

Céline takes up its minimalist codes with an extra touch of delicacy and a sense of uniqueness. Skirts sometimes vaporous or ultra feminine silk come flange the morphology. Flattering backs are always worked and cared for. The neat finishes with pretty stripes. The hand-covered buttons are adorned with satin to capture the light and the twin buttons borrowed from the men’s wardrobe come to break the codes.

The inspiration

Timeless silhouettes inspired by the sea, the wind, the sun, the shadows of wild flowers, but also by the women who still inspire and forever Celine: his mother and his grandmothers. Games of transparencies, like a veil dipped in water as light as a blow unveiling the body with false modesty: a leg, a camber, a neckline birth without overbidding.

A celebration of the feminine silhouette, a contemporary couture for a mysterious woman, solar, free, sensual, … who does not hesitate to show his strength at least as much as his fragility, who likes to play on the diversity of his own personality even on the day of her wedding …

First novelty this season, the mesh makes its appearance. A return to the love of Céline who was assistant mesh in the house Sonia Rykiel. Two pieces with exceptional points integrate this new collection, a scarf and a long vest. Made in a traditional and family knitting recognized for its expertiseHaute Couture with the prestigious label of “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”. Everything is thought with refinement and details: hand finishing and work in the tradition.


Second novelty, Celine has imagined 4 pieces of character, a dreamlike strand, inspired by the seabed, never too sophisticated, a bit fashionable: a comb , two pairs of earrings and a set of picks to assemble according to his desire and his imagination. Made entirely by hand in France by craftsmen trained to the requirements of major fashion houses, each accessory is soaked in a bath of gold before being adorned and embellished with pearls.

Dresses : Céline de Monicault | Photography : Faustine Martin | Model : Marguerite Perrotte | Muha : Emilie Green |Jewelery : Céline de Monicault


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