The inspiration for this unique photo shoot, that focuses on beauty, florals, and power, came from femininity, monochromatic elements, 1950’s vintage, Dior, pops of aqua blue to really contrast her hair and skin and bringing back the power suit. This vision was highlighted with florals that were very unique and weird as the florist personally hand painted them.

Regarding colors, the use of some terra-cotta, creams, and some blues along with the makeup that was fairly minimal but then brought a little bunch at the end with the slicked back hair and lip were here to reinforce the natural strength and beauty of Molly. The whole schedule of the shoot was built to show some evolution from having her bare (hence the bareback) into having her in a full menswear suit that was opened up to bring back the femininity.

In addition, the florals were placed in Molly’s back, on her face or in her hair, in order to highlight them in an innovative way.
Finally, the accessories such as a pearl coin purse, vintage earrings, pieces from Machete and a brass vessel added a pinch of both modern and vintage into the global outcome.

“We used natural elements, painted florals and pops of color to bring this vision to life.

Molly was the perfect muse for this whimsical shoot.

Photography: Kaley From Kansas  | Styling: Chanel Jezek & Maria Casteel | Florist: Mille Flores | MUHA: The Hair Parlour KC | Wardrobe: Dear Society Model: Molly Kathryn Gay

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