Ouiii l’atelier, the unique curated wedding festival of the french Riviera was last 9 and 10th of November in Nice, and it was so much FUN ! Like each year Vanessa, the founder of this rad event (yes the same Vanessa of Un Rendez-Vous !) had pulled together some of the freshest talented vendors in one unique place,  for the event of the season. As participating member for the fourth time, I can definitively say that this year was full of fun, emotions and inspirations.

(c) Marion Roudil | D’amour et de Deco | Be Lounge | Citron Pavot | Los Pistoleros | L’atelier de la Socca
(c) Marion Roudil

For the 2019 edition, not less than 40 talented vendors were gathered in a new place, the Dojo in Nice. The large modern venue with its concrete floor and large glass roof was the perfect location to welcome the wedding show whose theme this year was “the contrast”.

Let’s go back and relive the last edition of the Ouiii l’atelier through the images of Marion Roudil/ Lorenzo Accardi and Nicolas Elsen and the testimony of some vendors of the show.

(c) Marion Roudil – D’amour et de Déco
(c) Marion Roudil – Véronique Lorre | Be Lounge | Salt & Paper
(c) Marion Roudil – Aude Touati | Be Lounge | By Popiète | Marynea | Aux corps anonymes

“Ouiii l’atelier, it’s the opportunity to meet, share, inspire and inspire. A selection not of providers, but of talented artists, passionate about the world of elegant and refined wedding.” Jessica, by Popiète

(c)Marion Roudil – Rue de Seine | Martine Toledano
(c) Marion Roudil – Sophie Blanc | Be Lounge
(c) Marion Roudil | JEM | Sophie Blanc

“Ouiii l’atelier” is Beautiful inside, beautiful outside, filled with 1000 feelings and 1000 encounters, filled with laughter and tears, filled with love and sharing. What happiness to have been part of this whirlwind of emotions! Mariana, Louise Valentine

(c) Lorenzo Accardi | Belle comme un camion | D’amour et de Déco

A wonderful first experience.
Ouiii l’atelier is not a simple wedding fair, it is the perfect alchemy between the world of marriage and the world of fashion. An avant-garde and singular universe, where a pool of talented artists exchange their know-how with each other and the future brides and grooms.
” Sophie, Sophie Blanc Event Design

(c) Lorenzo Accardi – Martine Toledano | Louise Valentine | Marynea | Nadra Sarah B.
(c) Lorenzo Accardi | Feeling

Le Ouiii l’atelier Ouiii is not just a show, it is above all a human adventure of people who have one thing in common, that of making your wedding the best day of your life.” Marie, Salt & Paper

(c) Nicolas Elsen – D’amour et de Déco – Belounge

Great meetings between talented wedding vendors and future brides and grooms, in an atmosphere and an exceptional decor. “ Marine, Marynea

A big up and thanks to the organisation team : Vanessa D’amour et de Déco, Marie les Ciseaux de Marie, Amandine Citron Pavot, Mike Los Pistoleros, and our partners Be Lounge,  for all their support and help !

Photographers : Lorenzo Accardi | Julia RappSébastien Boudot | Marion Roudil Photographe | Nicolas Elsen | Greg Reego | Video : Mathieu Barnier | Event designers & Florists : Sophie Blanc | Aude Touati | Véronique Lorre | D’amour et de Déco  |Bridal dress : Nadra Sarah B. | Marynea | Louise Valentine | Martine Toledano | Groom’s suits : La Maison Keitel | Aux corps anonymes |MUAH : Agnès Doussot | Audrey Denjean | Amandine Poisson & Julien Matha | Belle comme un camion | Les ciseaux de Marie | Stationary : by Popiète | Salt & Paper | Jewelry : By Chatane | JEM Jewellery | Alice Magnin | Arc en tête | Caterers & Sweets : Citron Pavot | Los Pistoleros | L’atelier de la Socca | Music & Entertainment: Deep Sound System | Feeling | Nice Photobox | L’atelier de Tica | Furnitures & structures rentals : Be Lounge | Wedding Tippi | Wedding-planners : Jeevan | My wedding french Riviera | Hello June | Partners : Be Lounge  | Le Blog de Madame C | Un Rendez-vous | Models : Adrien | Anthony | Aurore | Bass | Caroline | Célia | Coralie | Julianne | Lola | Lucie B | Lucie C | Océanne | Tess

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