Alisha Tova


« I want you to look back on your photos 50 years from now and say, that was me. That was us. »

I’ve never been great with words, but here goes nothing…

I like laughing often, cooking from time to time and rarely forget anything. I love drinking my coffee strong, watching good movies and admiring sunrises in silence. And above all, I like taking pictures, lots of pictures! 

I like to define myself as a storyteller and I like the pictures that can show the reality of the moment, with feelings and emotions, without any forced tricks like poses or jumps in the air. And in order to achieve this, there is no magic trick. Just be yourself and I’ll be myself. We will bond together, maybe use some whiskey to get relaxed and break the ice and we will try to feel like old friends, you, me and my camera.

My passion started back in High School when I took a camera for the first time and I never stopped ever since. I deeply believe that everyone has a purpose in this world and I know that mine is to document life through my lens, as I discovered quickly that I was able to make people feel comfortable and true to themselves in front of my camera within few minutes after meeting me. 

Currently, I am based in Chicago, but I am not afraid to hop on a big silver bird to come and make some art and tell some stories with you!

Pricing: on quotation only

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