Artem Dolzhenko


Hello, my name is Artem.

I was born and raised in Ukraine in the Dnieper. When I grew up, I developed a strong thirst for travel and photography, maybe driven by the fact that the city I lived in, was closed to foreigners. I started to be a photographer for a living 7 years ago. My passion is to find the beauty in small and simple details, in things that look common at first sight but that can become beautiful.

The clients that I like working for are the ones that share my vision of the world and that enjoy and value the moments of life that I manage to capture in the frame. If you can see yourself through this short description, I’ll be very happy to be able to share and shoot a small piece of your life.

Your dress will get dirty, flowers will decay, your make-up will be gone, food & wine will get digested, but there is one thing that will remain forever: your memories!

Let me create those memories.

Pricing: on quotation only

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