Céline Chhuon


I am born inside a traditional Chinese family in Paris. The city of art was meant to me as I was born an artist. But for my parents, artist was not a real job and they wished I become a lawyer or doctor.
I have always known I was made for an artistic career as I was always attracted to details and trying to capture them and make them beautiful. I anyway followed a « classic » path, led by my parents and went to a Business School, where I fell in love with photography that I was doing as a hobby.
I left it like this for 8 years in the corporate world but in the end, my inner light took over and I finally decided to quit my job and started my career as a photographer.

My philosophy is that life is too short and it makes it even more important to catch and immortalize all those moments of life. For you but also for your children or any relatives.
This is what drives my life but also my work as I want to tell your story and keep the memories through my images so that you can pass it through generations. My wish is to be able to capture the little details in your life that makes it beautiful and that create your emotions and your love. And this is very inspiring for me as I am a hopeless romantic and I like creating luminous and dreamy images using film rather than digital.

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