Chloé Fayollas


I’m Chloe, a French wedding photographer since 2016. 

After visiting several countries in Asia, Oceania and Latin America for almost one year with my husband and partner for 15 years (oh god! Time goes so fast) and my camera, I found my path in shooting people and weddings. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, sometimes provoked, often unexpected.

My passion for photography is taking its roots in the fact that there is no other way to keep memories alive like Martine Franck said: « a photograph is a fragment of time that will never come back ». And I strongly want to keep tracks of the greatest moments of my life, to be able to feel again the emotions and to live again the memories or simply to share them with close family and friends.

This is something important for you to know if you consider me for your wedding photographer (Thank you for that!) as it is the reflexion of my work. I make a point and give my heart in order to create some pictures that will tell your own and authentic story, through my own vision and expressed with a modern, artistic and sensible look.

Pricing: on quotation only

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