Domaine de Palerme


The main house and property were created in 1736 by the Duke of Palerne and even if it belonged to the Pontifical court or Albert Camus, all of the owners tried to keep it the way it was created back then. Karin and Eric were no exception and since November 2013 when they discovered the domain, they have tried to renovate and decorate it while keeping its soul.

Karin is native from The Netherlands and traveled a lot while she was flight attendant to then devoted herself to raising her four children.

Eric spent his childhood in Provence and then relocated to Paris. He lived a lot abroad in Italy, the USA and Belgium and was working in developing internationally some of the largest luxury and leather goods brands.

They immediately felt in love with the domain and with the help of 2 of their 4 children, have managed to bring their international sensibility and their fondness for simple pleasures to make it what it is now.

Le Domaine de Palerme is more a home than a place and is the perfect venue to organize any of your events (simple vacations, birthdays, weddings or professional events) with the numerous options it offers.

From the Orangery, accompanied with 2 living rooms indoors, to the park or the pool area, you will be able to enjoy the domain from several points of view. The area offers also many alternative residences for those of your guests that will not be able to stay in Le Domaine de Palerme and we will be happy to assist you with this.

Pricing: starting from 14 500 € (3 nights)