Evergreen moment

I undoubtedly got my creativity from my parents, and the urge to create has been following me since my early childhood. Pottery was my number one hobby in preschool then I studied Arts on an advanced level in High school where I learned all the basics of different artistic technics. I knew this is going to be my path, but I’d had no idea what job I could actually have. I started a course as a Textile Designer, but I ended up getting my Diploma as an Event Organizer.

As my other passion has always been traveling, I applied for a job on a cruise ship, and I’d also been working some years as a flight attendant. I’ve learned a lot, and I am really grateful for all those great experience I’d gathered in the past, but meanwhile, I had been still waiting for the perfect job to come by. Then I had my wedding and all this time spent trying to find my path finally started to make sense. Organizing and decorating our wedding was everything I just adored. And here I am now, doing what I love and using all the benefits of my (previously thought not to be so useful) studies, travelings and flying career. I don’t think I’ll ever stop looking for new adventures, but now I finally know which direction I am heading to and it’s just the most exciting adventure I’ve ever had.

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