Extraction Project


My name is Anna and I have founded the Extraction Project. 

I started studying design in Italy and completed my BA in Graphic and Media Design at UAL_University of Arts London. I worked for years as a conventional graphic designer, creating things with no soul and that were quickly forgotten. But this what not reflecting who I am. I deeply think that the things we create or we buy should be more alike human beings: beautifully imperfect, unique and evolving. In order to try and create things that are closer to myself, I searched for ethical and sustainable solutions and started the Extraction Project.

This project is about using natural sources such as plants, vegetables, tea or flowers to create colors for dyes and reconnect people with nature.

I then use these natural resources in my creative process in order to build a range of stationeries that are hand-made and fully personalized.

Pricing: on quotation only