Heather Payne


I would define myself as a destination film photographer, living with passion and seeking for any adventure possible to travel the world and meet with other people and cultures.

I have been raised on a farm in a small town NC, with the values of hard work, slow living and working with my hands, but also a strong will to explore the world and discover it.

After spending most of my life studying everything horticulture [plants, design, flowers, landscapes & architecture], I married my high school sweetheart and moved to a Marine base on the east coast. I met my passion at that time, the films. Captivated by the light, colors, and process of creation, it was a new challenge for me to preserve time and slow down in order to add more intention in my pictures.

I am convinced that my purpose in this world is to capture the moments of life of my clients with who I am strongly connected and to offer them a space to tell their stories. What matters in life is to take part in the journey, make some choices, take some risks and love each other with God’s grace. I try to unveil the beauty in nature and people using photography and want to catch the underlying emotions beyond the story. 

My role will be to guide and understand you in order for us to travel on this journey together so that we can discover the real and unique story of yours.

Pricing: on quotation only

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