What we create is not just dresses; it is the result of a love story woven into the swing of the sea. 

What matters for us is a love for details, for rich silks, tulles, and lace, for the millenary heritage of haute couture and the old air of the great muses that inspire the artists. 

We aim to create some timeless collections nourished by delicate fabrics. Our exclusive Immaclé designs are mainly defined by the use of tulles, pearls, transparencies and elegant shades with flowers embroidered in color. Moreover and to add strength and movement to our designs, we use fringes, ruffles, puffed sleeves and daring silhouettes, which makes our collection perfect for authentic brides. Each bride is unique and comes to us with her personality and nature, which is why Immaclé offers exclusive and tailor-made designs.

Free, traveler, sensitive, elegant, romantic, spontaneous and daring. Our dresses are perfect for putting the light on the distinguished soul and personality of their brides. 

Pricing: on quotation only