Jeroen Noordzij


Hi, I am Jeroen Noordzij , a Dutch wedding and lifestyle photographer living in the city of Nijmegen. I’m a travel fanatic and love spending time on the beach, the forest and the mountains with my gorgeous wife and Greek stray dog Izzy.  Besides building campfires, playing with every dog I meet and drinking a good scotch now and then, I’m also a sucker for cheesy romantic comedies. Let’s be fair: Who doesn’t like happy endings. 
Since I was a young boy I have always been creative, whether it was building furniture, painting portraits or playing guitar. I have always felt the drive to create something unique. 
When I found my dad’s old camera’s on the attic, I instantly felt inspired and knew this is what I want to do. Capturing people’s story whether it’s about love, life, fashion of simply about you. 

Through my lens, I want to get to you know you. Know what moves you, what makes you smile. Capture your vulnerability and frame that what is going on beneath the surface. Creating stories in a pure, unique and authentic way, while still keeping the romance and elegance of each and every moment.


Pricing: on quotation only

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