Kristi Agier


What matters the most to us is being able to capture the love stories and the moments of life and being able to showcase the engagement and connections between people. 

I am very focused on the family bonds as I lost my mother to cancer in my twenties but also as I am a mother of a precious little boy, which made me realize that people that surrounds you define the person you are. I love to capture the things that make all of us human, the moments of life, the simmering between joy and pain, light and shadow. I work with my heart and sensitivity and take this as a privilege to be able to witness and capture the happiness and all emotions of these wonderful people that celebrate on this beautiful day. I take this very seriously (maybe too seriously!) and try to focus rather on the stories and emotions I witness than on the pretty and perfect.

Apart from the photography and edition, I like to spend as much as possible quality time with my husband and our energic, humorous and independent son and our majestic Boston terriers. I am also passionate about surfing and try to go from time to time for a ride on the ocean but also in wild nature where I can admire the views from our beautiful mountains.

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