Marcos Sanchez


I’m a wedding photographer based in Barcelona, and LOVE drives my entire life which makes me one of the luckiest in the world.

I’m a father and a husband. I enjoyed for a time living in the city but moved to the mountains near the sea. Now I enjoy being in the middle of nature and waking up with birds chirping in my garden. I’m passionate, goofy, sensitive, laid back and one of those who believe strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet. I used to play bass in a punk band. I like to cook for my friends with a glass of red wine in hand. And I’ve recently discovered a passion for a good old whiskey. But above everything else, I love to play trains with my son and watch him grow into a beautiful and kind little human.

And for a living, I capture your love stories and do my best to create some fun, emotional and quirky memories that will always remind you of YOUR love. The best job ever!

I’ve been a wedding photographer for eight years now, and I’ve shot to over 150 weddings. That’s more than 300 happy moms. I’ve been published in loads of famous blogs, won some awards and have been nominated for best photographer of the year by a great photographers association. All that makes my mom very proud, but in the end, this is not what really matters. The main thing is to create some memories by capturing images that have both an aesthetic quality and a strong emotional value.

Since I became a father, I’ve realized the importance of photography as a way of saving moments that will pass quickly and fade in time from our memories. It’s difficult to remember the first days when we brought Martin home with us from the hospital, or to picture his chubby little face when he was six months old, but I have all the photos I took to remember those days and bring back what we felt back then. 

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