Melia Lucida


I began my career as a photographer in 2001 when I completed my bachelor of fine arts at Emily Carr Institute (now University) of Art and Design and became a full-time wedding photographer twelve years ago, which makes me very happy. Although I went on to graduate studies at the University of British Columbia after my BFA, I realized that shooting at weddings would be the best way for me to fulfill my creative will and potential but also to be part of some of the happiest moments of life. No matter the location, the culture, the people, it is always an honor to witness and participate a little in those moments.

And to add even more happiness in my job, I work alongside my partner Jules who assists me and provides his vision and skills. We like to shoot the moments of life during the day, and of course, all the emotions involved rather than focusing on styled shoots. What matters the most to us is the interactions between people, the smiles, the looks, … We try to be as quiet as possible to observe, but if we feel relevant, we can also direct to put a different light and perspective on our subjects, or even for portrait shoots.

In terms of styles of images, I cannot say I belong to a defined style as I rather take my inspiration into my clients and the mood of the day and place. I make a point to personally edit all the pictures I deliver with an organic and timeless style, that can be from classic to dramatic or from still to dynamic, trying to showcase the emotions and authenticity. My best wish would be that while looking at my images, you can admire the work but more importantly, be able to remember the feelings and emotions of the day.

I’m a former (and still part-time Vancouverite) who lives with our two boys in upcountry Maui.

Pricing: on quotation only