Saya Photography


I’m Saya, a film and digital fine art wedding photographer. 

I’m passionate about humans, travels and beautiful simple things.

What matters when I am a photographer for a wedding is to be able to tell your own story through my photo reports. In order to achieve that, I like to bond with the couple and start by sharing a piece of who I am too.

Couples are very often uncomfortable with the camera and don’t know how to act in front of me. This is why I really want them to choose me and me to chose them in return as being a wedding photographer is all about relationship and trust. I, therefore, want to meet them in person, discuss a lot, get to know their personalities and the way they are, in order to create a link between us from the preparation to the Big Day. We need to bond physically, emotionally and humanely in order to catch their emotion and love through my images.

I think that a wedding report should be complete. It needs to incorporate all kind of emotions and I don’t want to choose between some moments of life but to try to transcribe the full range in my shoots. From decorations to people you love, I try to showcase all aspects of your wedding with some timeless and editorial photographs.

Pricing: starting from 3 000 €