Sébastien Boudot


My clients come from all over the world to get married in France, UK or Italy. They want to gather the people they cherish the most and want it relax but with style. They choose to get married on a specific location, or they want to dance on a beach until dawn. Sometimes they want me to shoot their shoes, and sometimes they don’t. But what really matters is the fact that they embrace the difference.

Since 2009, they trust me enough to be confident and reassured when I photograph them. And I always put all my heart to show the best of it.
Based in Provence, I’m living as a dad, husband, and photographer. If I’ve shared all of the above with you, it’s because these values are part of me too.

After ten years of being a wedding photographer, I also would like to share my expertise with you.

Pricing: on quotation only

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