Véronique Lorre


Fine art and timeless aesthetic, where the emphasis is on the elegance of simplicity through a minimalist, natural and organic style. My creative process consists of working with the “invisible”, transforming it into mood-boards, textures, and colors and bringing it to life in a harmonious and natural design made with a strong will.

My philosophy is based on an artistic and personalized aesthetic approach. Starting with a first meeting, I define the general atmosphere, I stylize the details and the flowers and work in close collaboration with the other creative providers (calligraphers, photographers, videographers…) to make sure the outcome fits with what my clients have in their mind.

As Artistic Director, my role goes beyond just decorating. One of the thing that matters the most to me is to fulfill the vision and traditions of my clients with what I do: to make sure each element has a meaning, each line, shape, and color is here for a purpose so that I can give life to unique events with an authentic atmosphere and a bit of poetry and intimacy.

Based on the Atlantic coast, I believe that traveling and being enhanced by new cultures and environments is the best source of inspiration. My work has no borders; I am available in France, in Europe or abroad.

Pricing: starting from 3 600€

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