Haiku Mill is one of the places where you can tell fairy tales as its ambiance and surroundings is full of enchantment. And this magic happens every single time! We are well aware as we have already been captivated by its magic in one of our previous article, the first one in fact as Melia Lucida trusted us for our opening!! And it is always a pleasure to have it featured in our blog.

But this time, the team led by Melia Lucida and Opihi Love took a totally different and surprising direction. Indeed, they decided to contrast this fabulous place in the heat of Hawaï with some frozen details that are totally fitting in the place and matching the majestic crystal chandeliers. For instance, the flowers caught in the ice displayed on the table or the main stairs. To add a more fashion, trendy and Hollywood touch, metallic and golden decoration elements have been used. 

The floral designer Opihi Love from Lois Hiranaga Design Floral emphasis on this contrast.

In the heat of a Hawaiian summer, floral arrangements were frozen in ice and accompanied by hints of gold and natural emerald greenery. It was an elopement too cool for the summer heat. 

Every single detail was thought to serve this main idea about the heat vs ice. Even for the wedding gown, the little gold beads are matching the peony petals frozen into place on this Salt on the Rocks model. We can see the amazing and meticulous work of Darren Ho from Ice Sculptures to capture the emotions inside the ice and have it feel like if it will last forever under the summer heat of Maui. 

It results in a feeling of a dream day, where the time would have stopped to leave this beautiful nature untouched. And the vows that the couple gave to each other under some hanging crystal strands and chandeliers was also an out of time moment.

Photography: Melia Lucida | Planning and Creative Direction: Melissa Padilla of Opihi Love | Event design: Rio Event Design | Floral Design: Lois Hiranaga Floral Design Hair and Makeup: Cynthia of Kipona Aloha Beauty | Dresses: Salt on the Rocks | Earrings: Rue Belle Cake: Maui Cakes Ice Sculpting: Ice Sculptures by Darren Ho Tableware: Set Mau Calligraphy: Alannah Rae Calligraphy | Models: Ro & Noa

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