Inspired by the american wild west, on of the most iconic bridal designer Rue de Seine unveiled their latest collection, and oh lovelies, how not having a crush for these bohemian spirit creations ?

The 2020 collection has been shoot in the natural environment that inspired the designer, and seeing all these pieces in this amazing rustic backdrop set our souls on fire !If you’re a wild-hearted woman, looking for a boho-romantico-rock style to feel at ease for your big day, don’t miss what’s follow.

Can you tell us about the birth of your company? What makes your journey unique and your brand different ?

I had spent 7 years creating ready-to-wear in Paris and loved seeing my creations for the everyday, but after making my own wedding gown, I knew it was the next step in my career. I instantly felt inspired by the fabrics and loved being able to create a gown with more of my own style. The dress was romantic, bold, and I was able to dance all night. I was comfortable, but also felt so special. I want our brides to feel the same way I did that day. I hope that I can bring a more relaxed, yet fashion-forward approach to bridal.

It has now been nearly 8 years since we started RUE DE SEINE, and I would not change one moment during this entire journey. I truly feel so happy with my career and the amazing team we surround ourselves with daily. 

What are you inspired by?

Every season we try to push ourselves and industry boundaries. The Rue De Seine bride definitely dances to the beat of her own drum. Our girls are looking for a gown that fits their own unique style and we hope to offer this season after season.

Our newest collection Moonrise Canyon, was inspired by the landscapes of the American Southwest. I have always been hugely inspired by nature. As a kid growing up in the US, our family used to road trip through the Grand Canyon and I will never forget that feeling of utter amazement. Miles upon miles of breath taking horizon that has forever changed the way I see the world and design in it.

What are the pieces you like the most from your last collection?

Difficult question! Presley makes my heart sing. She feels like the right balance of romantic and modern. And those sleeves! I also love the Knoxville gown, with its sweeping graphic lines and waist cut out. It just feels so young and dreamy and we are waiting patiently for RUE brides to rock  all these new styles!

Your vision about an on-trend wedding ? Can you give us 3 words that describe the best the modern bride/couple?

Any couple that is true to themselves and their story. We come across so many weddings, but for us the best weddings are were the couple and guests are having the  most fun. Every couple is unique, so when you add your own touch to décor or food, it just helps tell your love story.

my 3 words would be

Individual – Expressive – Romantic

What define for you « the french touch » ?

For me the French created Bohemian style… slightly unconventional, embracing a more free spirit through exotic locations, wild florals, and of course their gown choice;) 

Rue de Seine | photography: Madly Studio | model: Cristal Serranoo | hair + makeup: Kelly Mcclain
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