Saya has always been very attracted by esthetic and beautiful things. As a little girl, she always drew and then, growing up, she replaced her pencil with a camera. Then time caught her up with her exams, her beginning in the life as a woman. It’s at 20 years that she took again pictures. She found during a flea market a polaroid very intriguing by its design the SX70, she has not left since. Passionate about human she started naturally with portraits. Capturing the beauty of a person in his natural with a beautiful light, she made a series named “Human Beauty” which has been exhibited for several years in a private gallery in San Francisco. Saya tells us more about her journey and inspirations…saya-photography-fine-art-french-photographer-UnRendez_Vous_13

How would you define your own style ?

Before becoming a wedding photographer, I did a retrospective on my artistic career. People defined my work as mysterious, romantic and intimate. I came naturally to this. What I was looking for in my series of portraits “Human Beauty” wasn’t to transcribe the physical beauty of the person who was infront of me, but to show who was hiding under his or her physical appearance. I didn’t define myself as a fashion photographer, but as a fashion PORTRAITIST. It is what I want to offer to my couples, not only a wedding reporter but also the service of a portraitist photographer for their wedding. I want to capture not only a beautiful image but also the emotions of a moment. A timeless photograph can be incarnated through the emotion that the image emanates so the real challenge is to create a beautiful image with an absolute simplicity. An emotion is never as strong as when we are in front of an image which speaks of itself by its purity and its simplicity.

What is inspiring you?

In order, I will say:
– people, by their history and their complexity. I find in each of us a natural beauty that I love to put forward.
– light, because I’m convinced that light makes 90% of a beautiful image. There is the subject of the photography and poetry brought by a beautiful light.
– Simple things of everyday life, a bag, a journey, a rendez-vous, a cup of coffee, the smoke of a candle, it’s these details that tell the story of a lifetime

Some tips for couples ?

It is above all a story of feeling. It’s important to meet your photographer and trust your feelings. I’m sure that they have enough photographers for each couple and that you will find the person with whom you feel good. It’s a question of trust, if you feel good with your photographer whom you trust it will be felt on the images.

How do you prepare the wedding day? Do you recommend to meet with the couple beforehand?

I always recommend to my love birds to do when they can a photo session before the wedding. At the moment we never think we have time because a lot of things to think and to prepare for the wedding, but often this intimate parenthesis cut off time reminds you why and with whom you share before all this moment! It’s a time for two to find you, to feel good and especially a time necessary to familiarize yourself with my presence, my way of working and being photographed. It also helps to have less stress on the wedding day and to have more natural pictures for the big day!


What is THE photo you really want to take?

On each wedding I give myself the same gaols:
– make a complete wedding reportage
– find THE beautiful light
– capture THE moment of emotion
– highlight the story of the couple through my reportage
But the moment I prefer is this very intimate moment after the beauty of each of my brides. I ask ten minutes with her alone, far from all. This is the moment when makeup and hairstyle are done, she is ready to put on her wedding dress and she realizes she will say yes. It’s a moment for her that I offer the time of a portrait and these portraits of my brides are for me the most precious images of each of my weddings.


3 words that describe the modern bride/couple according to you?

Authentic, Adventurous and Inspired.

Your vision of an on-trend wedding?

I think the on-trend is timeless. An elegant and simple wedding without doing too much but enough.

If you had carte blanche for a wedding, what would you do?

If I could have carte blanche for all my weddings I would say that a successful wedding is when the couple was able to melt the universe of both. To know how to add and tell they story and surround themselves with good people on the wedding day that are important to them.


Useful information

Equipment : For digital photography I work with 2 canon mark III and a 50mm 1.2 lenses. For film photography I work with a Contax 645 medium format.
Where ? Everywhere my love birds ask me and wish to say yes to each other.
Booking and prices range ?  I’m usually booked a year before the date of the wedding or a year and half for
destination weddings. My rates are between 2500 € to 7000 € for a complete wedding in digital or film.

 Photography : Saya Photography | Wedding planners : Call me MadameThe Wedding BlissDream Weddings Europe


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