Sebastien Boudot was a kid when he took his first photo with a pocket gadget camera. In 2001, like a reveal, he started shooting as a pro. In a classic timeless style, the photographer doesn’t need to follow the trends to find inspirations. He loves humans and looks for capturing their characters with authenticity through his lens.

Like a come back to his first intention, Sebastien proposes now a new service : woman portrait. For a branding shoot or just for a personal portrait, discover more about this talented man who loves women through some questions and a selection of portraits he shot during the last Ouiii l’atelier wedding festival in Nice.
How did you start doing photos ?
Very beginning was as a kid with all pocket gadget cameras we have during holidays. Real start was in 2001, with my best friend Yann, after an exhibition of pictures taken from the hip with an old Russian camera.

How would you define your own style ?

I like classic, timeless & simplicity. I’ve seen trends (which have nothing to do with wedding trends) since I’ve started wedding photography in 2009. This is a way to get out of them.

What is inspiring you?

Faces, characters.

What are your tips to make the couples you are working with comfortable?
I ask them to show me human warmth, and this works well from -10 to 40 Celsius degrees

How do you prepare the wedding day?

I just need a timeline and a sunset hour. Then I take the wedding wave with everyone.
Do you recommend to meet with the couple beforehand? 
No. I recommend clients to make what they want. I had great wedding with and without pre – meeting. Everything which make client comfortable or stressless is good.
What is THE photo you really want to take? 
Hard question, The one you can’t miss is the one of the couple walking dow the alley at the end of the ceremony. But my preferred one is the confident bride. She is the Queen. 
Can you give us 3 words that describe the modern bride/couple according to you? 
Ahah after talking queen, I will try to be modern :  Free / Different / Free
What is your vision of an on-trend wedding?
A true vision for having covered it, It’s when the bride wears Valentino dress in a Florentine Villa…
Which celebrity would you dream to work ?
Kate Winslet 
If you had carte blanche for a wedding, what would you do? 
I would do portraits with the biggest wooden camera I can find, this is a good transition for the following : )
I came to weddings through portraits first.
So now I want to also come back to this first intention. 
I’ve also figured out that I live in a women’s world. Better said, I figured out that my world, private & professional was a women’s world. 


I’ve always seen these two pictures of my great grand mother (Paris – 1942) in my family houses (paths are not really far sometimes…) an exceptional woman I had the luck to love.
I like these pictures for many reasons but the main one is because she has this confidence, this strength. And has a legacy, it’s the best feelings and memories, we keep from her.
I want to give this back to who gave me light and energy, and start in a new genre : women portraiture. 
That I already partially do for weddings and corporate pictures. Now I want to offer it for personal branding or personal portrait session for women who want the best pictures they have ever seen of themselves. 
Chinese portrait : 
if your were a color : night blue 
A destination : Italy 
A music : Wish You Were Here, the Sparklehorse cover 
A fashion icon : Peter Lindbergh
Where do you work ? Anywhere 
What is the price range of your offers? 500-5000


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