Meant for brides who are looking for a dress that breaks the bonds of traditions, Philippa Long Bridal dresses embrace the feminine nature in beautiful cut and drapes of silk crepes and organza. In a relaxed casual style or more sophisticated /glamour, Philippa Long allows to her brides to experiment their day without feel overwhelmed by their dress…

How is born your compagny ? What makes your journey unique and differentiates your brand ?

Philippa Long Bridal started in 2014 as a one off bridal commission. It was only meant to be a one off dress for a friend! My background is in luxury woman’s wear fashion. I had a RTW line that started in 2012. As most young fashion designers in London know, it was a tough market to crack. It’s heavily over saturated with designers doing similar things and I subsequently struggled to find the thing that made me stand out from the crowd.
That first bridal commission came at the perfect time because I discovered my voice where I was struggling to find it before. I was able to bring all my fashion experience to bridal wear & re-shape what ‘bridal’ meant to me and to an industry that seemed to be struggling to progress.

What is your role with a bride-to-be ?

The other thing I discovered in this process was how so many woman felt overwhelmed by being a bride and feeling pressured to conform to certain traditions and look a certain
way. I saw my role at this early stage of my journey in bridal wear to help draw out a brides individual style & personality & to help & encourage them to embrace that in choosing what to wear on their wedding day. This discovery was the starting point and main inspiration behind Philippa Long Bridal.

How would you define the Philippa Long Bridal Bride ?

Philippa Long Bridal is fashion focused, modern bridal wear for brides who want to explore style-led, non-conventional, bridal wear.

What is your creative process (from the idea to the finished dress) ?

All our dresses are designed and made in London UK. I am a big advocate for sustainable & domestic production and craftsmanship. This has always been a passion of mine and something I championed with the Philippa Long RTW line and has been carried across to the bridal wear. Some of the fabrics I. The collection have been developed and woven in Sudbury in Suffolk. One the the last remaining silk weaving mills in the U.K. and we continue to work
closely with them. Due to the nature of our relationship with them we are also able to develop custom fabric for brides who are looking for very exclusive, bespoke wedding dresses!
Because our dresses are made locally, we have complete control over our lead times. (This is only not possible when we have to wait for fabric to be woven but, this can still be achieved within a 10 week timeframe.) We want to accommodate every bride that wants to work with us and so we don’t put a limit on how quickly we can turn around a dress but the usual time frame is 6 months. We have done a number of dresses in less time than this though!!

What are your current favorite pieces in the collection ? And your favorite cloth to work with ?
The Pheobe Jumpsuit because it’s so playful & unexpected yet elegant at the same time. I also love the Serenus shirt dress, because the concept came from the idea of wearing a shirt back-to-front, it’s so cool & has a relaxed & casual style. It’s made from the most delicious feeling silk crepe, it’s heavenly to wear & has amazing silk organza sleeves which add a bit of drama!
I’m also completely in love with the Lior gown, it’s very clean & elegant and the black gross-grain ribbon detailing gives it an edge that I love. It’s also made from the same silk crepe at the Serenus shirt dress but is in a beautiful silver colour.

My favourite cloth to work with is heavy silk crepe, hands down! It drapes beautifully and feels so luxurious to wear.
I’m also really into the silk cut-float that features a lot in the collection. I like how the texture changes and looks distressed and abstract but when you handle it you realise how special it is. It’s also added to by the fact it’s made & woven in the U.K.!

Your vision of an on-trend wedding ? 3 words to describe the modern bride ?

The 3 words I would use to describe a modern bride or couple would be: Unconstrained, Adventurous, Unique.

In my opinion a wedding is a really big party that you put on for your friends and family & that is how modern couples should view it. They should have the style, food and music that best represents them as a couple and individuals so I would suggest throwing the trends out with the bath water & just have things the way you want!! The coolest weddings I’ve been to or seen pictures of are the ones that look least like conventional weddings. So my vision would be first of all, personal, fuss-free and fun! 

Which celebrity would you have loved to dress ? 

It would have been my absolute dream to have dressed Solange for her wedding day. Her wedding has stood out as the coolest wedding for me, because it was different & personal & like I said above….didn’t look like a conventional wedding.

If you were married today, what would be your outfit ?

I think I will have two outfits on my wedding day! I have had the privilege of working with some of the best makers in London & they will be making my dress for me. I expect I would go for something similar to the Lior dress for the ceremony and the jumpsuit for the party. I do change my mind quite a lot though so don’t hold me to that!

The chinese portrait

Accessory:Shoes…party shoes
A colour: Green
A material: Heavy silk crepe
A jewel: An Emerald
A dream destination: Santorini
Music: The Hustle
Fashion Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Sales: | Price range: starting £600-£3500 |Lead-time: 6-10 months | Photography: Robert Rowland


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