Sébastien Boudot, one of our favorite French photographers, takes us to discover the wedding of Rebecca & Mark, in a winery in the heart of New York. 

Rebecca, a dedicated clinical social worker and Mark a talented web developer first met in the subway and got instantly a unique connection. Mark was the one who did the first step and they quickly got the confirmation of their link as they discovered that they attended the same High School. Since then, they spend their days mostly together, exploring NYC, planning future adventures, exercising their dog, Izzy and hanging out with friends. Friends play a major role in their lives.

The couple wanted an event that felt welcoming and warm while trendy and authentically “New York” and put their priority on having a casual dinner party with friends so that everyone felt comfortable.

“When planning our wedding, it was most important to us that the vendors we chose and the location we selected represented us as a couple and aligned with our values.

They chose Brooklyn Winery as their venue for multiple reasons. The industrial, but also romantic atmosphere was the first one. Closely followed by the wonderful team that accompanied them along with the food and wine that were truly amazing. The venue also offered two separate spaces to gradually put all the guests ready for the party.
The first one features a dinner served french & family style, the second closest to the dancefloor offers a two hours killer dance party.

They selected first the photograph, Sébastien, with who they felt secure and reassured. The videographer was recommended by Seb himself and the couple immediately felt in love with Daniel’s vision. He has a unique way of capturing the vibes and feelings of the day!

They used florals to envelop the guests and space and to bring summer inside! 

It all came together perfectly!


Photography: Sébastien Boudot | Floral Design: Devon Grimes | MUHA: Stacie Ford MakeupStyles on B | Dress: Etsy | Suit: J.Crew | Ring: a small local jeweler on Long Island, NY–custom made | Shoes: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker | Stationery: Goods Gang | Film: Shoot me now films | Catering: Brooklyn Winery | Party Music: The Hook Club (Ceremony) Silver Arrow Band (Party) | Venue: Brooklyn Winery



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