In a “white and bright” style that defines the work of the photographer, les amis photo shares with us today a timeless bridal shoot. A beautiful moment of purity to start this new year…

How did you start doing photos/videos ?
I had the opportunity to know the work of a colleague of mine during a wedding of my best friend, I literally felt in love with the poetry, the love, the intimacy of her photos, the tenderness, the sensitive nature of her photos. She is Lelia Scarfiotti, and I decided that I wanted to do the same thing. I decided to took time for looking for other wedding professional and I discovered a world, especially the Californian Wedding Market. It was the 2010, and I began to study Photography for doing the wedding Photographer, while I was assisting some local colleagues.

How would you define your own style ?
Evocative, Emotional, Fresh, Romantic, Timeless, and, how some of my clients say,“white and Bright”. I love soft tones, undefined portraits, every picture that gives you the opportunity to see what you are feeling, not what you are describing. The pictures that give the opportunity to have an invisible connection of emotion.

What is inspiring you?
Everything romantic. Vintage photos, Viniles, Romantic Books and films, dramatic books and Films. Everything capable to give strong emotions on which you can think about life and being a better person.

What are your tips to make the couples you are working with comfortable?
The only way to be comfortable in front of the camera is knowing better the person behind the lens. If there is a connection with our images (mine and of my team), than is a good thing knowing us better. I’m a emphatic and smiling person, my team too, and chatting about what clients are expecting from their wedding photographer is
essential, and knowing each other is the best thing for having strong photos. Photography is a matter of feelings.

How do you prepare the wedding day? Do you recommend to meet with the couple beforehand?
With the couple we try to deal with expectation on the photography result, paying attention to photos desired and the key players of the day.
We plan every moment just to be prepared, but knowing the nature of a wedding, something different can happens and we take attention on every moment, ready to attend different situations. The days before the wedding day we study the planning and the travel details. The day before the wedding we make a site inspection to decide where to shoot group shots, couple portraits, meet the couple, having a feedback of the last details and planning the last things depending on the season.
We truly appreciate every opportunity to meet the clients and to chat about the day and their desires.

What is THE photo you really want to take?
The Photo is that kind of portrait where a couple can recognize themselves in an emotional and romantic moment while they are giving theirself all their essence.

Can you give us 3 words that describe the modern bride/couple according to you?
Minimal, Elegant, Ethereal

What is your vision of an on-trend wedding?
Something different from what is considered popular. Hidden and sophisticated locations, with unconventional and Raw decors, High quality accessories, warm and tender atmosphere among the guests.

If you had carte blanche for a wedding, what would you do?
I’d Avoid group shots but instead of what I’d do I truly recommend to do them, ‘cause are not artistic moments sometimes, but they are memories for a lifetime.

Which celebrity would you dream to work ? Isabelle Allende

Chinese portrait : if your were
A color : Pale blue
Texture/ material : Raw linen | ceramics
A destination : Mediterranean Islands
A music : a Mix of “Love will tear us apart” and “One”
A fashion icon : Brigitte Bardot

Useful information:
Based in Milan but working worldwide. We had the pleasure to work, other than Italy, in Mexico, California, Greece and Costa Rica.
Price range : 3.600 – 6.000 euro

Photographer : les amis photo |Wedding-designer : Anne Laure Weddings |Pousada Mosteiro Guimaraes  |Makeup artist : Jenny Make up Land | Wedding dress : Yoliah Spose | Model : Irina Kuznezova | Style : The original fleurs
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